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(✚1●805●257●5030) How To Delete A Customer In Quickbooks


These days, QuickBooks software is widely being used by the businessmen to manage their accounting tasks precisely. It offers many types of inbuilt and advanced options that help to take care of every small and essential thing. Being the most wanted application in this industry, a few users know how to deal with some fundamental and common issues. If anyone feels that a few customers (like freelancers, vendors and contractors) are not interesting for work anymore and can be deleted, then he/she can learn about the best way to “remove a customer from QuickBooks” and it is that user should read this article carefully. 


How to Manage Customer in QuickBooks?

Many users have struggled with QuickBooks inactive customers. Users add many customers who eventually become inactive with time. Instead of keeping them in the file, QuickBooks helps you to remove them easily. With this article, understanding the scenarios under which you can delete a customer will be crystal clear. Before we start to get rid of those customer data, let us have a look at the scenarios which should be considered.


First scenario – If you think of customers you want to delete but when verifying, you discover that there is no history of their account, you can delete those customers from the list of customers

Second Scenario – Sometimes you won’t be allowed by QuickBooks to make any deletion of those customers who have activity of any type associated, be it even one transaction. In such cases QuickBooks gives you the dialogue box like: “This name has a balance or it is used in transactions, it cannot be deleted”. In such cases, you can only make those customers inactive instead of deleting them.

Now considering the above scenarios, we need to learn how to delete customers whom we don’t want in the list of QuickBooks anymore. Thus follow this process:


How to Delete Customer in QuickBooks


The process in short is Customers > Open the Customer > Edit > Make Inactive.


This needs to be followed in detail so that the process is successful. However, you can also follow the process of merging and deleting customers in QuickBooks if you want to keep the customer in the file. Let us know the process in length.

Step 1: Hiding a Customer:

In this process, users will be enabled to hide the customers. For this, you need to do the following-


▶ Click on Customer Center which you can see at the top of the QuickBooks Window

▶ Now on the left side of the window, click Customer and Job

▶ Once you have the list of the customers, double click the customer name and hide

▶ You will see a window that says Customer is Inactive

▶ Click on that option


Step 2: Merging Customer:

▶ This is another method by which you can merge the customers and remove them from the list but retain them in the file.

▶ What you can do is follow a similar process like that of hiding a name by clicking on Customer Center >> Customer and Job >> Select Customer >> Change Customer Name to be Edited >> Ok >> Yes to Merge.


3. Deleting a Customer:

Well, this is the process everyone looks for in order to remove a customer with no trace from QuickBooks. For this, you can click and open QuickBooks. Once you have opened QuickBooks, do as mentioned below-


▶ Click on Customer Center and then once again click on Customer and Jobs

▶ You will be introduced to the list of customers you have in QuickBooks

▶ Choose the customer you want to remove

▶ Click on Edit

▶ Now click on Delete Customer Job

▶ The customer you had selected will be removed

▶ Depending on the number of customers you want to delete, that number of times, the same process should be followed


How to Delete a Customer in QuickBooks Online

Here are the steps to delete a customer in QuickBooks Online.


In the first step, open the customer menu from your QuickBooks

  • From the drop-down option, click on the “Customer Centre”
  • Now, enter your next click on the “Customers & Jobs” section
  • After that, click on the customer that you want to delete
  • Then, go to the “Edit” menu and choose the “Delete Customer: Job” and repeat the process continue to delete every customer you want to erase
  • How to Remove a Customer from QuickBooks?
  • Follow the steps to remove a customer for QuickBooks.
  • Firstly, open your QuickBooks, and click on the “Customer Center”
  • Then, you have to select the “Customers & Jobs” from the left corner of the window
  • Then hit the double-click on the customer name that you want to remove
  • At last, click on the “Customer is Inactive” button from the Edit window
  • Click on the OK button and the selected user removed from your QuickBooks
  • Simpler than ever it is with QuickBooks to remove those unwanted customers from the list. If you are looking for “how to delete a customer in QuickBooks for mac” then the process is more or less the same for them as well.


All QuickBooks users want to keep their data clean and tidy. Well, having too many customers in the customer list can be a very confusing situation, especially if you work with QuickBooks online.



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