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Apple One is Apple’s new subscription bundle that combines most of the company’s services, including Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus, Apple Arcade, storage service iCloud, and the newly revealed Apple Fitness Plus under one roof. Also, this is an addition to the existing services. Meaning, if you are only interested in Apple Music, you can keep paying for that as you do without having to buy Apple One’s subscription. This new service is beneficial for those who use most of the services provided by Apple. So you won’t have to pay for them individually. Keep reading this article to get in-depth information about Apple’s service package.

When Will Apple One Be Available?

Apple announced this service at its online event recently, on Tuesday. And according to Apple executives, Apple One should launch by this fall. However, there is no exact date yet.

How Much Does Apple One Cost? Is There a Free Trial?

Apple One will come with three different plans, including a 30-day free trial. The three plans are differentiated based on the number of services, the amount of iCloud storage offered, and the number of people who can access the services together. Underneath is a detailed description of the plans offered.

Individual plan: Priced at $14.95 (£14.95, AU$19.95) a month, including four different services for single person access: Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, and iCloud (50GB of storage)

Family plan: Priced at $19.95 (£19.95, AU$25.95) a month, including four services that can be accessed by six family members: Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, and iCloud (200GB of storage)

Premier plan: Priced at $29.95 (£29.95, AU$39.95) a month, including six Apple services for six family members: Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, iCloud (2TB of storage), Apple News Plus, and Apple Fitness Plus (where available).

What Does Each Service Involve?

Below are all the services included in Apple One and what you get with each service. Plus, how much do these services cost individually in the US:

Apple Music: This is Apple’s music streaming service that includes over 70 million tracks from popular artists without ad breaks. This can be understood as an alternative to Spotify. Cost: $9.99 a month.

Apple TV Plus: This is Apple’s TV streaming service that includes popular shows, movies, original content, games, and live sports.

Cost: $4.99 a month.

Apple Arcade: This is Apple’s video gaming subscription service that includes over 130 fantastic games that can be played on all Apple’s devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch, and Apple TV.

Cost: $4.99 a month.

iCloud storage: This is Apple’s cloud storage service that offers 5GB of free storage, and can be accessed on any Apple device helping you backup all your files, media, contacts, and a lot more.

Cost: 99 cents a month for 50GB, $2.99 a month for 200GB, or $9.99 a month for 2TB.

Apple News Plus: This is Apple’s news service that allows you to read news articles from hundreds of magazines and newspapers on any of your Apple devices.

Cost: $9.99 a month.

Apple Fitness Plus: This is Apple’s new fitness streaming service that will be launching this fall. It will offer guided workouts built for the Apple Watch.

Cost: $9.99 a month.

Will Apple One Save Me Any Money?

The answer to this depends on how many Apple services mentioned above you have already subscribed to or planning to subscribe to. If you happen to subscribe to all of these services individually, you must be paying at least $40 a month, which is more than what the Apple One’s Premier plan cost. So, considering this calculation, you will surely save a lot of your money.

Even if you haven’t subscribed to all the Apple services, it is most probable that you are using iCloud and Apple Music. So, let’s consider that we are already paying $9.99 (2TB) a month for cloud storage and $9.99 for Apple Music. Both of these must be costing you around $20 a month. So, why not go for the Family plan or even the Premier, wherein you will spend less and get more!

We think that Apple One is going to be worth the money spent. Plus, you won’t have to worry about making individual payments for all your subscriptions, which we all know gives a headache.

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Source: Everything You Need To Know About Apple One

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