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The 5 Best Electric Guitars in India: Which One Is Right for You?

Starting out with an acoustic surely has some benefits. However, if you want to progress faster as a beginner, an electric guitar is the way forward because of its inherent ease of playing. The chords are easy to hold and bending notes is relatively easier than on an acoustic. Think of it in this way: if you go to a gym for the first time and start your weight training, your trainer would always suggest lifting lighter weights in order to get used to the process. Starting out with an electric guitar has a similar effect. It is not only easier on your fingers but progress is also faster.  But while purchasing your first and the best electric guitar for you, there are certain factors that need to be considered before taking the plunge like the shape of the guitar, the tone, the playability, and more.  Check out the List of the Best Guitars Brands in India!!


What is an electric guitar

An electric guitar is a piece of equipment that lets you play a musical instrument using electricity instead of a string. You can switch on or off the pickups which are electric audio transducers which play electrical signals to the guitar. The vibrations are sent through the strings, giving it that distortion-free sound you love so much.  Types of Electric Guitars  There are various types of electric guitars in the market like acoustic guitar, hollow body electric guitar, sculpted body electric guitar, 3-ply neck, and electric slide guitar.


The benefits

Electrical guitars have various advantages over the acoustic guitars that it is ideal for beginners. It is also very easy to get good quality at a reasonable price. Here are some of the advantages of buying an electric guitar for beginners.  It is easy to play. An electric guitar is compact enough to carry around and you can take it to a cafe, school, or even the park. You can buy a cheap instrument that suits your requirements and start to develop your skills. In fact, learning how to play guitar with an acoustic guitar is fine but learning how to play a guitar with a fretted-guitar is very easy.


The factors to consider when buying an electric guitar

 Neck Size  Since most electric guitars are constructed around a solid body of wood, you will need a neck size in which the strings will be placed. This type of instrument will require a great deal of strength and, therefore, is best suited for the beginner.  This instrument is usually considered a beginner guitar. However, after learning the guitar chords, many can progress to playing an electric guitar.

 Weight  Since the body of the guitar is made of solid wood, it weighs a ton. If you choose to play acoustic guitars, which have a hollow body and lighter metal strings, then a semi-acoustic guitar might be a better option.  However, if you want to play electric guitars, you need a sturdy heavy metal body. This one will hold up well in the event of an accident.


List of the best guitars in India

Vibrato on guitars can be controlled by employing different techniques but generally, you can opt for whammy bar best electric guitar in india.  A Vibrato allows you to play multiple tones and bends with a single function, and thus, its great for guitarists who like to play multiple genres of music.  Similarly, in order to get the guitar tone that you desire, you need to make sure that you opt for the right model, which suits your specific tone and vibe.  The Tone  In case of electric guitars, the Tone is the major driving force behind your overall sound. The guitar's Tone is the most important element for you to consider as it determines how easy it is for you to play different genres of music and therefore, how expressive you will be with the instrument.






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