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Loss of access to a Google Account is common issue. This usually happens because the user forgot the password. In this case, to restore it is not particularly difficult. But what if you need to restore a previously deleted or blocked account?

If the account has been deleted

Please note that only a Google account deleted no more than three weeks ago can be restored. If this period expires, there is little chance that your account will be reinstated.

The process of restoring the “account” Google will not take much time.

To do this, go to Password Recovery Page and enter the email address associated with the recoverable account.

Then click “Next”.

We are notified that the requested account has been deleted. To start its recovery, click on “Try to restore it”.

Enter the captcha and, again, move on.

Now, to confirm that the account belongs to us, we have to answer some questions. We are first asked to enter a password that we remember.

Just enter the current password from the remote account or any used here before. You can even specify an approximate character set – at this stage, this only affects how the transaction is confirmed.

Then we will be asked to confirm our identity. Option one: using a mobile number linked to the account.

The second option is to send a one-time confirmation code to the associated email.

You can change the confirmation method by clicking on the “Other question” linkYes, an additional option is to specify the month and year of creation of the Google account.

Suppose we used an identity verification using an alternate mailbox. We received the code, copied it and pasted it into the appropriate field.

Now, All you need to do now is set a new password.

The new character combination for the login should not match any previously used.

And that's all. Google Account restored!

By clicking on the “Security Check” button, you can immediately go to the settings to restore access to the account. Or click “Continue” to continue working with the store.


Note: restoring a Google account, we also “reanimate” all data about its use and again find full access to the search giant's services.

Here is a simple procedure that allows you to “resurrect” a Restore Google Account. But what if the situation is more serious and you need to access a blocked account. About it further.

If the account is locked

Google reserves the right to terminate your account at any time by notifying the user or not. And although the Good Corporation uses this feature relatively infrequently, such blockades occur regularly.

The most common reason for blocking accounts in Google is non-compliance with the company's products' rules of use. In this case, access may not be terminated to the entire account, but only to a single service.

However, a blocked account can be “brought back to life”. The following list of actions is offered for this purpose.

If access to your account is wholly suspended, we recommend that you read the details first Google Terms of Service and Terms and Conditions of Conduct and User Content.

If your account is blocked from accessing only one or more Google services, you should read and rules for individual search engine products.

This is necessary in order to at least approximately determine the possible reason for blocking the account before starting the procedure.

Next, we move on to application form for account renewal.

Here in the first point, we confirm that we did not make a mistake with the login data and our account is really disabled. Now we specify the email associated with the blocked account, as well as a valid email address for communication  – to it we will receive information about the progress of account recovery.

The last field is intended to indicate any information about the blocked account and our actions with it, which may be useful when restoring it. After filling out the form, press the “Submit” button.

Now we just have to wait for emails from Google Accounts.

In general, the procedure for unlocking a Google account is simple and clear. However, due to the fact that there are a number of reasons to disable the account, each case has its nuances.

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