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When it comes to BMW's core models, the BMW 3 Series and BMW X1 is most likely to be mentioned. As a core model, it is very important to obtain this 3 series formula correctly. Therefore, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of this BMW 320i Sport G20.

1. Stable driving power

It is said that the previous BMW 3 Series F30 model has less driving dynamics because it has been adjusted more for comfort. With this new G20 model, BMW will focus more on the “lost” driving power of the F30.

2. More trendy and modern interior

BMW has taken a safe step in the interior of the BMW 3 Series G20. It is more important to evolution than revolution, which is not a bad thing. The layout of the dashboard and center console is simpler and more complex than the F30 that looks more “busy”.

3. Panel gap and consistent paint quality

In our panel gap test and paint quality level, this BMW 3 Series G20 showed consistent readings in both aspects. Although this 3 series is locally installed (CKD), its quality is comparable to German installations.

4. Doesn't look like an entry-level model/low specifications

Usually, floor models start with a body kit that is less sporty and aesthetic, and small wheels with thick tires. This is not the case with this BMW 320i Sport G20, because its body kit looks sporty and elegant. In fact, the size of a 320i wheel is equal to 18i (the size is 18 inches). The only difference is the design.

5. Fashionable and dynamic design

If you look at the appearance of this BMW 3 Series G20, you will find that the design elements of E46, F30 and E92 are integrated into a stylish package. For example, the headlights have grooves in the BMW 3 Series E46 style.

6. The ADAS system has now become a standard configuration

When this car was first launched, many people condemned BMW for not providing ADAS driver assistance systems for the 3 Series models. Please understand, why not provide this important safety system for BMW's premium cars by 2020?

This time you don’t need to worry, because the BMW 3 Series comes with the Driving Assistant package, which includes Lane Change Warning (LCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), front collision warning with brake intervention, rear crossroad traffic warning and rear collision prevention Features.

7. The same engine and gearbox as Toyota GR Supra SZ-R

Did you know that the BMW 320i Sport G20 uses the same turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder B48 engine as the Toyota GR Supra variant SZ-R (RZ uses 6-cylinders)? In fact, they all use 8-speed ZF gearboxes. During our test drive with this BMW, the engine was indeed sufficient, and there was no lack of power.

This 8-speed ZF 8 gearbox can also change gears quickly and smoothly. The speed adjustment is also consistent with the engine speed.

8. Mute level

The mute level is much better than F30. G20 uses soundproof glass, so the road or tire noise is much lower than before, and it can well suppress wind noise. At 110 km/h, the noise meter averages 67 dB.

9. The leg space on the back is spacious and comfortable

In the tennis test on the rear seat, all three tennis balls were located between the driver’s seat and knees (there is more space available!). This means that the rear seats are comfortable regardless of long-distance travel.

10. Although not a new model, iDrive operating system 6 is still very smooth

The iDrive operating system 6 of the 3 series model is intuitive and easy to use. It's also smooth, clean and the menu is well organized.

For the shortcomings of BMW, please see wapcar.


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