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Did you know tea originated in China, from where it found its way to every corner of the world?


The best part of the day for tea connoisseurs is when their lips touch the delicious cup of hot tea. They can only think of starting a day if it begins with a cup of tea. Tea has been with human civilization for a long time. Now, tea is among the most consumed beverages in the world. 


If you are one such tea-lover, we have researched different types of tea products available to bring you the best organic tea brand in India. In this blog, we have something for every tea lover. Read along and find out the best fit for you!

What Makes Tea A Good Habit?


Tea is not just an addiction! It is the addition of something good. Something that houses several health benefits. It is a drink that can help you overcome sloppy morning laziness. It is a drink that can cool your head before you head to bed. Studies have shown numerous health benefits. Here is a list of a few of them:


  • Teas like White tea are rich in phytochemicals, some of which are natural antioxidants. The European journal MDPI suggests that these antioxidants help in protecting cells from damage and prevent cancer.


  • Research proves that tea helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.


  • Fight diabetes with a powerful cup of green tea.


  • If you are looking forward to losing some pounds, replace your morning milk with healthy tea and let the magic work.


  • Herbal tea benefits the digestive system and improves bowel movement.


10 Best Tea Products


Now that you know about the benefits that your cup of tea poses, it's time to introduce you to the best tea brands to buy organic tea online. Here is the list of our top 10 best tea products available in India:

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha


The top of our list gets decorated with the organic Tulsi Ashwagandha green tea by Organic India. The best organic tea brand in India brings you this powerpack of energy and refreshment. 


This product contains flavors of lemongrass, Ashwagandha, and Tulsi that offer a rejuvenating blend of taste and health benefits in a single cup of tea. Here are the features of this drink that make it the best tea in India:


  • It comes as a pack of 25 Tea Bags.
  • The product is full of Antioxidants and Phytonutrients that reduce oxidative stress.
  • It is 100% Certified Organic.
  • This tea mix contains Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, and Ashwagandha.
  • Counters Stress, anxiety, and depression.




  • 100% Organic
  • Rich in herbs
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Available only as tea bags


Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine


This unmatched blend of green tea, Tulsi, and Jasmine with a touch of Ginger Chamomile is another masterpiece from Organic India. These are the best tea bags in India that will brighten your day with a reviving aroma. 


Here are some more features of this tea that make it our second-best choice for organic tea:


It contains Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Jasmine flower, and Funnel.


  • This product has a long shelf life of 24 months.
  • It has inherent stress-relieving properties and uplifts mood.
  • A pack of 25 tea bags.
  • Ginger and Chamomile present in it help in calming the mind before sleep.




  • 100% Organic
  • Full of medicinal herbs
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Available only as tea bags
  • Not suitable for people allergic to jasmine flowers.


Auric Kadak Moringa Masala Tea


Auric brings you the finest taste of Moringa masala along with seven herbs and spices from the corners of India. With 100% natural spices and zero chemical preservatives, this tea is the best pick for organic tea fiends. Here are some other features of this green tea:

  • It contains Cardamon, Ginger, and Black Pepper and is known to boost immunity.
  • Moringa intake supplies the body with vital minerals and vitamins that are good for skin and hair.
  • It improves metabolism.
  • This tea product helps in calming the mind and relieving stress
  • 1 cup of this tea takes care of 25% of the intake of Moringa 



  • Easy to prepare
  • Medicinal benefits
  • Is not available as tea bags


Organic India DOM Ayush Kwath


The medicinal Kwath from Organic India works like magic in boosting the health of its users. Its composition is rich in herbs and helps increase immunity. Here are some more salient features of this organic tea product:


  • Infused with immunity boosters like Tulsi, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Black Pepper.
  • USDA and India Organic Certified product
  • Fights cough and cold
  • It packs natural antioxidants that help the body in detoxification.
  • It reduces stress and is known for uplifting the mood




  • Caffeine Free
  • Numerous medicinal benefits
  • Abundant in antioxidants
  • Available only as a pack of 25 tea bags
  • Not suitable for people looking for caffeinated drinks

Auric Assorted Premix Tea

This exquisite premix tea from auric is available to you in the taste of Elaichi and Masala. You can carry these sachets with you anywhere and quench your craving for masala tea anytime you want. This product is the best pick for premixed tea for the following reasons.


  • Instantly preparable with a single cup of hot water
  • Each flavor (Elaichi and Masala) contains a blend of Ginger, Cardamon, Cinamon, and Nutmeg
  • Shelf life of 9 months
  • It offers the benefits of 6 herbs
  • Pack of 16 sachets



  • Offers Ayurvedic benefits
  • Instant preparation
  • Tin packs of only 16 sachets

The Healthy Company Immunity Green Tea


The Healthy Company brings you this immunity booster with the power of Tulsi, Giloy, Spirulina, Amla, and Turmeric.

These ingredients are popular for their medicinal benefits in fighting fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. The properties of this great green tea that bring it to the list are as follows:


  • Helps in maintaining weight
  • Boosts Immunity with Ayurvedic herbs
  • The 7 tea sticks are reusable
  • An organic and plant-based product
  • This tea has a Shelf life of 12 months




  • Reusable
  • Organic and Ayurvedic
  • Easy to prepare
  • Not suitable for people allergic to Spirulina

The Healthy Company Mint – Lean Green Tea


If you prefer some Peppermint tea to soothe your mind before heading to bed, this mint tea from The Healthy Company is the best pick for you. You can buy this organic tea from India Cossouq’s website. Here are some of the salient features that make this product one of the best green tea choices:


  • This product is a blend of herbal extracts from Spirulina, mint, and Assam tea leaves
  • Rich in fiber, antioxidants, and acetic acid
  • The scientifically researched ingredients are known to be detoxifying in nature.
  • Boosts Metabolism and helps in controlling weight
  • Plant-based, organic, and reusable tea sticks



  • Herbal, organic, and Ayurvedic
  • Loads of medicinal benefits
  • Reusable
  • Long shelf life of 12 months
  • Not suitable for people allergic to Spirulina

The Healthy Company Lemon – Keto Booster Green Tea


Another product from The Healthy Company that fits. If you follow a keto diet plan and still want the tea on your menu, this is just the right product. This Keto Booster green tea has a load of benefits, listed below, that bring it to the list of best organic tea brands in India:


  • Contains Garcinia, Black Pepper, Ginger, and Cinnamon are known to have medicinal properties
  • It Keeps the body fat at bay and reduces cholesterol levels by enhancing metabolic power.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties and full of antioxidants
  • Boosts Ketosis and improves digestion
  • Shelf life of 12 Months



  • Reusable
  • Ayurvedic and organic
  • Medicinally beneficial
  • Not suitable for people with liver problems


The Healthy Company Peach – Lean Green tea


Only these Peach-flavored green tea leaves can brew your best cups of green tea. This tea not only helps with the detoxification of the body but lowers cholesterol and weight loss. This green tea made from peach extracts and Assam tea leaves is a must-buy because of the following reasons:


  • Promotes digestion and gut health
  • Rich in phytochemicals and Antioxidants that prevent cell damage
  • Iron, Spirulina, and B-carotene in the tea boost metabolism.
  • Reusable tea sticks 
  • Shelf life of 12 months



  • Reusable 
  • Plant-based and organic
  • Numerous medicinal benefits
  • Might be allergic to people who show allergies to fruits.

Organic India Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea


Honey is widely known for its health benefits. When mixed with tulsi, it makes a perfect blend of taste and medicine. You can enjoy this tea hot or iced. Whatever methods you choose to cherish, they will always leave your taste buds in awe. 


Here are some of the benefits this Chamomile tea offers:


  • It contains the Tulsi leaf trio along with Honey that soothes the throat during cough and cold
  • Full of Antioxidants and adaptogens
  • Caffeine Free and Organic
  • The tea mix comes in a biodegradable packaging
  • Relieves stress and calms the mind




  • Organic and Plant-Based
  • Medically beneficial
  • Life-enhancing with the goodness of Tulsi
  • GMO-free
  • Might not be suitable for diabetic patients


What are Herbal and Non-Herbal Teas?


The difference between herbal and non-herbal tea is in the source of its preparation.


  • Herbal tea is obtained from different parts of plants like stems, flowers, bark, and roots.
  • Non-herbal teas like oolong tea are prepared only from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.

How Many Cups Of Green Tea Should I Drink In A Day?


The healthy amount of green tea that you should drink daily is 6 to 8 cups. Drinking green tea regularly in healthy amounts can help in the following ways:


  • Relieving digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Improving mental health



Nothing can match the joy a cup of simmering tea brings to the face of a tea fiend. Despite the situation, tea lovers find an excuse to savor a cup. Tea not only brings a smile but also keeps the body healthy. 


There are a lot of health benefits related to drinking tea proven by research. Different people prefer different kinds of teas. This blog contains tea products to suit the interests of everyone. If you are a fan of bubbling tea cups, pick the best tea online India has to offer and get it from Cossouq’s website at an exclusive price now!




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