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Dark Souls is a challenging series of games. Here are the ten best areas of this third-person action game, which has become very popular among online game players.

Dark Souls has everything that can keep the online game players engaged for several hours. Even though the game is famous for its difficulty level, ferocious learning curve, and boss fights, it still has many more exciting things. The game has captivating characters, in-depth stories, and a fascinating and profound world. There are several bits in these online games which online game players generally don’t like. But, there are also several things that online game players admire in the game. The ardent fans of online gaming often spend several hours playing online games . They can quickly tell you about the enemies who are infuriating and unfair bosses. Also, these players will  instantly pick out the games’ levels that are designed poorly when you ask them.

There are many hit or miss areas that you can find in the games, and also there are areas with an exceptional standard. Here are the ten best areas of the game:-

Cathedral of the Deep- Dark Souls 3

While the Deacons of the Deep had to face flack severely for a lackluster boss; still, there are many things to point out about the area in which they are residing. The Cathedral of the Deep and the cleansing Chapel outside it, along with the broad area surrounding it, are entirely consistent with the lore fed to the online game players to this game point. First of all, the place’s aesthetics perfectly match online game players’ expectations with vaulted, grand spaces inhabited by monsters and giants. Knights can stalk past high in the rafters and the religious imagery while undead mill, grave wardens, and Evangelists around outside.

Secondly, many significant encounters have happened here. Patches can trick the online game players as “Siegeward.” If the online game players have followed the quest correctly, they can lower you as the giant while attempting to kill you. Overall, you will find it an enjoyable and well-executed location.

Grand Archives- Dark Souls 3

You will get an entry into Grand Archives after defeating the Dragonslayer Armour and traversing the short distance between the two closest bonfires in Souls. Grand Archives is a place of shortcut ladders, bookshelves, and curving staircases going to a place full of secrets. You will find Crystal Sage and thralls along with scholars to contend with here. Hands of ghosts can reach out from bookcases to curse and grab you. You can find the hidden Outrider Knight while attempting an extra challenge. The online game players find the option to activate their shortcut elevator while encountering the triple NPC mini-boss. Every part of the level makes you feel as it fits entirely to the aesthetics.

Dragon Shrine- Dark Souls 2

Being the Home of the Ancient Dragon in Dark, Dragon Shrine is populated by giant enemies with enormous weaponry. Here, your encounter with the Dragon is brilliant as you will get the Ashen Mist Heart, allowing you to access the Giant’s memories, which are scattered through the game. Further, you can engage the Giant in a combat for a more challenging and ferocious fight.

Ringed City- Dark Souls 3

Ringed City in the third Dark Souls has been received universally very well. It is featuring challenging encounters with Shira and Lapp. You will find the Angels and Ringed Knights providing enemies at an adamant level. There is not a single area that makes you feel too easy or too brutal. The round is not devoid of any fair challenge, including the encounter with the second Dragonslayer Armour, Archers summoned by the Judicator, and the two times face off against Midir. Additionally, the covenant’s introduction, the Spears of the Church in which the online game players can be summoned for Halflight and boss fights with the Demon Princess, along with the final encounter with Gael, has made this round very interesting and a fitting end as a whole.

Undead Burg/Parish- Dark Souls

The series features slow and stumbling enemies with large attack windows. These areas are clumped together with varying ones teaching you to wait for your opportunity. Plus, it has the engaging tumultuous mobs with dodging arrows. The area is executed beautifully with bosses that you can exploit, summon mechanics, and the value of shortcuts.

Ash Lake- Dark Souls

From the perspective of gameplay, Ash Lake is the most crucial area. Also, the area looks gorgeous. It can be welcomed in the game with an oppressive and bleak atmosphere. However, it does not mean that you can play through the area quickly as it has secret areas where you will need to keep your guard up mainly due to Hydra’s lurking in the background.

Archdragon Peak- Dark Souls 3

You will need to reach the Untended Graves to learn a gesture, and then you can access the Archdragon Peak by using the gesture beside the dragon. The area will make you feel in a meditative state disconnected from the rest of the world. You will get the chance to encounter the more extensive options of stray Wyverns and Rock Lizards, the unique Serpent-Men, and Havel Knight.

Dragon Aerie- Dark Souls 2

The gaming area is filled with substantial looting opportunities and spectacular visuals. It is an entirely non-linear area where you will do everything as if you don’t want any loot; then there is a zipline straight for you. If you want to explore, then there are various upgraded and advanced materials.

Anor Londo- Dark Souls

It is the towering castle that most online game players look for their majority of playthroughs. The biggest highlights of the game are roaming around this beautiful area. The area of the game is the fantastic hub of content, making you experience peaks. It has the infamous archers Anor Londo and boss fight against Smough & Ornstein, which most players find very challenging.

Drangleic Castle- Dark Souls 2

The online game players will need to seek the King while reaching Drangleic to defeat the Four Great Ones so you can collect their souls. You will get many things to explore, including several crannies and nooks, castles, etc. To make your way to the game’s final bosses, you can enter the Dark Chasms of Old or Twin Dragonriders and the Mirror Knight.

These were some of the best areas that deserve the most love and appreciation in the Dark Souls series.

SOURCE:- 10 Best Areas in Dark Souls


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