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10 Best Email Management Tools for 2022

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With trends in marketing changing now and then, email marketing has become an integral part. And to make email marketing and management smooth and hassle-free, integrated with automation from start to end, it is essential to use robust customer email management software from the list of top email management tools. Here is a list of the ten best email management software, widely accepted for its solid system and integration. 


Ongage is a business email management solution designed especially to manage high volume marketing campaigns. With inbuilt tools like email template editors, segment routing, and email validation, Ongage allows the complete management of email marketing campaigns swiftly from start to end. Integrated with A-B testing tools, Ongage also provides automated drip campaign services to enhance and optimize email marketing through management and efforts. 


A forward-looking email management system, Front precisely integrates analytics that allows automated experience from start to end. A team centered email management system, Front focuses on enabling the users to have dedicated channels for emails, social media and SMS at affordable and flexible rates. Best email management software for e-com shops, financial institutions, agencies, marketers, travel and logistics, etc. 

Zoho mail

A platform providing absolute security and a user-friendly interface by keeping it ad-free, Zoho mail is one of the top software in the list of email management tools, with an uptime of 99.9%. Zoho mail is an ideal pick for small businesses, startups, and freelancers, Zoho mail allows domain customisation and brand promotion with an effortless in-app process. It also provides email hosting, email recall, email forwarding, and domain aliases and integrates all the essential workplace components making it perfect for all types of businesses. 

SendinBlue Email 

One of the top email management software, SendinBlue email management solutions, is extensively used by businesses for its comprehensive services, including an end to end integration of marketing campaigns, SMS interactions and conversational message campaigns, and tools for newsletter creation and contact segmentation, etc. Perfect for small businesses & startups, SendinBlue Email also offers tools that improve customer engagement, promote business growth and loyalty, and form a sense of community between the company and its audience. Widely picked among startups and small scale businesses, SendinBlue stands as one of the leading customer email management tools for medium and large scale businesses.  


A data-driven software for email management, Yesware, allows quick tracking after sending an email. Integrated with innovative productivity tools like templates, reports, email schedules, monitoring and email analytics. A complete package that includes the essentials of email marketing management, Yesware is fit for freelancers and small businesses, along with being a perfect partner for medium and large enterprises. 


Groove is an automation integration tool, one of the most cost-effective, data-driven, and scalable. Integrated with all the intelligent tools, it makes the process swift and effortless and provides a user-friendly interface. Leading email management software is a cloud-hosted system perfect for startups, small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises. 


Enabling a collaboration ready system, Hiver is a user-friendly email management system that effectively equips Gmail as an efficient platform for email marketing. An easily accessible interface, the tools integrated into the software benefit startups, small businesses, and medium and large enterprises and prove beneficial for independent teams and institutions. 


A secure and encrypted software, DeliverySlip is widely accepted for its safe and secured email management system that strives to protect data throughout the process. Widely preferred by legal, medical and financial institutions, DeliverySlip features security tools that make working with classified data easy and smooth. 

Microsoft Outlook

One of the most reliable software, Microsoft Outlook, is a sleek email marketing management with several inbuilt robust features promoting smooth campaigns in a very organized manner. Maintaining a streamlined process, the software is seamlessly integrated with an organized system to optimize the workflow. Ideal for freelancers, Microsoft Outlook is also a preferred option for small and medium-sized businesses, large scale enterprises and anyone who wants to manage an entire email management system with a community. 


A free cloud-hosted email marketing management system, SendGrid is free and serves as an ideal email marketing tool. Widely used for its demand scalability, efficiency and robust execution, SendGrid is perfect for marketers and developers trying to build a strong community network through mails. 

Integrate your email marketing system with the best email management software and streamline a seamless process. Integrate the campaign with all top quality tools for customer email management and find the right option for your business from the list of email management tools. 


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