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Xbox has brought a revolution in the gaming world and has proved its prowess for it.  People from all over the world are crazy about getting the experience of gaming on this gaming device.  Microsoft has innovated a lot to make Xbox gaming friendly and launched several games over time, which was welcome by the people whole-heartedly.

If you are a fan of online gaming, then you would not disappointed with the games on Xbox as abundant of games are available for Xbox at affordable prices. Among these thrilling and exciting games, the best 10 you should play are:

  1. Gears 5: This game will entertain you a lot as it is a third-person shooter video game and could be enjoyed with multiple players. If you have played Gears 4 earlier, then playing Gear 5 would be much exciting for you as it has elements and some characters of Gears 4 also, which includes Kait Diaz, Del Walker, and JD Fenix. So, it becomes necessary for the gamer to play Gears 4 to get an understanding of the proper storyline of Gears 5.
  2. The Outer Worlds: The plot of The Outer world is full of exciting and unforgettable characters, which includes a preacher and an angel preaching tranquillity and freedom. The story has spoilers also who kept stirred while helping to move the storyline further, which is featuring a post-colonial society where exploitation is at its height. The game has RPG elements along with a lot of guns and other weapons to give you a thrilling experience.
  3. DEVIL MAY CRY 5: Even though the game is in its 5th series but still could be welcomed by the newcomers also as with the introduction of new characters, the storyline has been made more alluring. You get thrilled while playing with the three main characters who are fighting with evil spirits to save the world and human life. The game put the player in suspense as it did not give any idea about whatever happening or going to happen in the game, putting challenging situations and new approaches to explore to fight with the enemy.
  4. Apex Legends: Apex Legends are designed much like PUBG and Fortnite but is still very much peculiar in style of combating the enemy with different types of weaponry. It is worth suggesting to try this game if you are an online gamer as the game is not only accessible but exciting also.
  5. RESIDENT EVIL 2: The story beats of this game has been exalted by using present-day hardware and refined controls so a person playing RESIDENT EVIL 2 could get immersed into the thrill and enjoy optimum. This game contains a beautiful story, and with the introduction of characters like Leon and Claire, the makers have tried to give the story a realistic look.
  6. Control: A third-person shooter game is not enough description for this game as it involves a government that is working in secrecy and has gained new supernatural powers all along with the game so that it could fight with the paranormal or occult powers. The best thing in this game(Control) is its design, graphics, and style, which are unique and impressive, and not only this, the narrative of the game is also unforgettable. The description has become more complicated with the introduction of paranormal forces and has many twists, which is quite engaging and able to entice the gamer for long.
  7. Void Bastards: However, the game is easy to play and simple to understand but still capable to give thrilling experience once you start playing it. One can continue enjoying the game, which revolves around ships where you have use navigation strategically while dealing with buddies.
  8. Untitled Goose games: This is a joyful game where you will deal with a naughty goose busy in striking terror in the inhabitant of a town. The Goose is on the mission of making mischief and ruining the life of the main characters of the game, and here you get the excellent opportunity to get immersed in the game.
  9. Outer Wilds: You must play outer wilds if you want to explore the universe at your speed, which looks like a simple space travel game at the beginning but later enters into a world of conspiracies. The game, Outer wilds, left you baffled, arising many puzzling situations and posing challenges in the space. The story is revolving around the main character, an alien of the Hearthian species and that too nameless.
  10. Sekiro: Shadows die twice: Developed by FromSoftware, it incorporates a story of feudal Japan where Ninja skills are used to encounter enemies and avoid enemies successfully. You can jump into the air and have to fight stronger enemies. You even gain the abilities to hide in the grass so you could protect yourself.

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