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Kitchen remodeling is a good choice for those who want to renovate their homes. Kitchen renovation is very important since it not only improve the appearance of your home but also can help you to get extra space where you can do more activities. Here, we will reveal the best kitchen remodeling ideas that will give new look and feel of your kitchen.

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1. Open up cabinets, drawers and countertops with glass doors

If you still keep some unused furniture in your cabinets such as bookshelf or filing cabinet, it's time to remove them and replace with minimalistic and stylish door cabinets which are popular today. Adding frosted glass panels instead of traditional solid wood doors make all difference on what was once wasted storage areas: Now these spaces can be useful for storage or display.

2. Add more private space with half wall

If you have small room that makes you feel uncomfortable, this idea might be the best one to help improve the look of your kitchen. Creating a half wall made by wooden paneling will create an illusion of having more distance in cramped areas which is very important especially if you are living in tiny house area.

3. Create bar countertops on top of cabinets

Adding built-in countertop on top of cabinets is another idea that can give new appearance, making it easy for serving snacks and drinks while cooking food at the same time. It's not only creating wonderful transition between kitchen and dining zone but also allow easy access into stored items by opening the cabinets.

4. Decorate the kitchen with something natural

Adding plants or greenery to your home decorating ideas can create more interesting appearance of your kitchen area especially if you are living in urban area where plants are rarely seen. This idea is not only for modern home, but also can improve the beautiful look of any type of house décor as long as it's properly arranged and maintained.

5. Add bright color on walls and cabinets

If you want to have a contemporary style, bright color such as yellow or green will be a great choice for accentuating clean lines and sleek cubes throughout the room. In addition, these colors will help influence a relaxing mood inside your cooking zone after a hectic day at work. Just always remember that you can't go wrong with light color.

6. Open up the kitchen ceiling

Open up the space of your kitchen by removing upper cabinets and hanging pendant lighting instead of regular lights or chandelier which is great idea for open concept home décor. This method will help you to get more natural light inside your cooking area which make it easier to create warm, inviting atmosphere throughout the day.

7. Decorate with stylish furniture

Adding stylish furniture such as metal bistro tables on top of contemporary patterned rugs also creating wonderful transition between modern furniture and traditional elements in kitchen appliances, while adding extra space where you can enjoy meal time just like in restaurant setting.

8. Put wood flooring on top of other flooring

If you want to keep your kitchen simple and stylish, why don't you try using wood flooring? Installing hardwood floor on top of existing tile is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects that can save your money for renovating kitchen. Wood floors will look classy and natural which blends perfectly into modern or traditional furniture effortlessly.

9. Keep it clean with white color

Installing white appliances such as stove, cabinets and sink will make a big difference in improving the appearance of your home décor especially if it's combined with dark countertop such as black granite. White appliances coordinate beautifully with other furniture while offering senses of spaciousness since they help reflect more light the cooking area. However, stainless appliances with black countertop will create contrast color that helps the kitchen to look more playful and energetic.

10. Create interesting focal point

One of great ideas in how to decorate your home kitchen is by adding extraordinary focal point, such as catching giant pendant or chandelier lighting arrangement above kitchen island or table which instantly draws others' attention to the center of the room. This idea also work well for making bold statement especially if you use bright color such as red, yellow and green for this purpose.



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