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Did you know that YouTube has the second-highest traffic volume worldwide?

In fact, every day on YouTube, over a billion hours of video are seen.


However, YouTube is congested, just like any other widely used digital network.

Thousands upon thousands of creators are vying for attention on the platform and visibility for their work. Brands, would-be influencers, and mommy bloggers are all caught up in the culture's infatuation with videos.

So how do you make a statement? Is it advisable to buy YouTube views or likes in order to “jump the queue” and be seen?

Many people are perplexed by it, so I thought I'd address the most important queries about purchasing YouTube views. Additionally, if you keep reading, you'll discover 10 of the top websites for safely and securely purchasing actual YouTube views.

Let's get going.

Why do YouTube views matter?

Views are essential for building a YouTube brand and reputation. People are more likely to choose to watch a video when it appears in their feed the more views it has.

Views serve as social proof to urge users to check out your material for a moment. They increase one's credibility. They increase your channel's likes, subscribers, search visibility, and organic traffic. It creates momentum and aids in the expansion of your YouTube channel because of the compounding impact.

Is it prohibited to buy YouTube views?

Simply put, purchasing YouTube views is legal.

However, there is a catch.

The Terms of Service for YouTube prohibit buying bot views or tricking users into watching a video.

However, you shouldn't experience any problems if you pick the correct service for purchasing views. The top YouTube advertising services collaborate with a network of actual people who watch and engage with videos. Watching a video cannot possibly be against the law, right? It isn't.

There are rumours that if you buy YouTube views, you could lose your view count, have a video removed, or have your account banned. Even while it's not impossible, it's extremely uncommon.

Your account and videos will be secure if you work with trustworthy providers—ten of which I'm about to list in this article—and adhere to best practises for drip-feeding views over an appropriate period of time.

  • Where can I purchase genuine YouTube views?
  • Where can you discover actual YouTube views if it's so crucial to avoid bots and buy views?

Numerous companies offer to sell YouTube views. Some of which are shady bot farms, while others are completely safe to utilise.

Look for these indicators of credibility to identify the best service provider:

1.Secure website, first. Make that the website from which you are purchasing views has an SSL certificate installed; this is indicated by the browser's “lock” icon.

  1. A trustworthy payment gateway. Make sure they accept the main credit cards and utilise trusted payment processors, like Apple Pay, before investing in YouTube views.
  2. Authentic testimonies. If they have any client reviews, read them to make sure they sound sincere and legitimate.
  3. Clientele care. The provider you select should ideally offer responsive support that is accessible around-the-clock so you can obtain assistance if something goes wrong.
  4. Honest users. Make sure the views you buy are coming from actual YouTube viewers and not robots. On their website, the top services will make this explicit.
  5. Anonymity. The finest services keep your YouTube account private when increasing video interaction.

Before purchasing a views package for any of the sites I'm about to recommend or others you find, make sure they adhere to these best practises.

The top ten sites for purchasing YouTube views

Want to buy YouTube views to jump-start the growth of your account? The top 10 websites are listed below to get you started.


Our preferred choice for purchasing YouTube views is Stormviews, which is first on the list.

You won't be trapped with fake views that jeopardise the integrity of your account because Stormviews has a solid reputation for providing real and genuine YouTube views. Additionally, you may purchase YouTube likes and follows.

Other benefits of Stormviews include their extensive customer reviews, round-the-clock customer service, and the fact that you won't have to risk the security of your account by sharing your password. They only focus on YouTube, in contrast to the other services on this list, which speaks to the calibre of their offerings.

  1. Viralyft

Viralyft provides services other than YouTube views. They offer a variety of social media promotion services, including those for Spotify, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

The live chat feature on Viralyft is one feature I appreciate because it allows you to ask their staff any queries you may have before buying something. They don't ask for your password, offer quick delivery, and have safe payments.

3. Video Boosters Club

We are Video Boosters Club (VBC), the best YouTube video promotion service. We have the necessary skill set to promote all kinds of videos on YouTube and YouTube partner websites. We work for entrepreneurs, upcoming artists, musicians, dancers, short film directors, business owners, vlogs, video bloggers and for many other clients who want their videos to be promoted online which in turn provide them with effective results. 

We provide 100% real YouTube video promotion with organic and authentic views unlike other YouTube promotion companies. Our YouTube promotion strategy helps your videos to reach a maximum audience which helps your channel to become popular within a few days.

We can create YouTube channel for you and edit your YouTube videos. We also create videos for musician vlogger, upload videos on YouTube with proper title and description, tags, keywords, category and more. Our proven strategy can help you to promote your YouTube channel with phenomenal success.

Your order becomes priority for us. As soon as we receive your order we start our work to reach maximum audience within a very short span of time. We understand and try to utilize the most of your valuable time. We deliver all the orders on time without any delay. We generate a report on views for all the orders once we complete the required job for our clients.

4. GetViral.io

Getviral comes next on the list. Getviral offers a variety of social media promotion services to assist you promote your profiles, just like Viralyft does.

Compared to the first two services on the list, its starting price is a little higher, but it's still within reach. Additionally, they offer live chat and email help around-the-clock without asking for your password. I was unable to locate any notes indicating whether or not the views would come from actual users.

5. Famoid

Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are where Famoid concentrates its services. To generate millions of views and likes, they have collaborated with over 200,000 clients.

Famoid accepts payments via SafeCharge and PayPal in addition to providing 24/7 customer assistance, which is something that most other businesses do not. Additionally, it only interacts with legitimate accounts to raise your YouTube views.

6. Viewsexpert

By employing a large user base on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Spotify, and more, Viewsexpert can assist you in expanding your social media profile. Simply choose your service, a plan, and check out to see an increase in YouTube views.

They offer 24/7 help, a wide selection of actual customer reviews, and refills as long as your opinions decline.

7. Fastlikes.io

For a number of networks, including YouTube, Fastlikes provides social media growth services. They provide eight different YouTube view packages, each with quick delivery, guaranteed refills, round-the-clock customer service, and safe payment processing.

Its costs are comparable to those of the other providers on our list, and it offers refunds occasionally.

8. UseViral 

Across all of the major social media sites, UseViral has a sizable network of actual users. You may easily accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel by gaining access to this network and purchasing a promotion package from UseViral.

It offers a variety of YouTube views packages ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 views, all of which are swiftly and affordably delivered.

9. FollowersUp 

The following service, FollowersUp, offers cost-effective solutions for YouTube growth. The most social media sites that FollowersUp supports for its services include specialist ones like Telegram, Vimeo, Likee, and Snapchat.

Although I couldn't discover any customer reviews on its website, it has 24/7 customer assistance and has been in business since 2016. Therefore, talk to the team and ask some questions if you're unsure.

10. SocialPackages.net 

Social Packages provides speedy delivery, 24/7 support, guaranteed refills, and acceptance of all major credit cards. You can leverage their network to gain views, subscribers, likes, and comments on YouTube as well as on other social media sites.

It offers some of the most affordable YouTube view bundles on the market, with 500 views starting at just $3.50.

11. Media Mister

Media Mister is the last website on the list of places to purchase YouTube views. One of the oldest providers of social media growth services, Media Mister offers packages for likes and followers on all the main social networks.

The amazing thing about Media Mister when it comes to YouTube views is that you may select the method of purchasing from its network, Google Ads, YouTube Premieres, Video Discovery Ads, Live Stream, or targeted by country. One of my favourites is the ability to target specific countries.

How much does it cost to buy YouTube views?

Depending on the service you select and the quantity of views you need, different YouTube views cost different amounts. For instance, Stormviews offers a variety of packages starting at just $3.99 for 500 views and going all the way up to $1,499.99 for 250,000 views.

I would advise beginning with a less expensive package until you are comfortable using the service, then working your way up from there. Taking things slowly will also make it appear more natural and won't cause YouTube to raise any red flags.

How can I acquire 1000 free YouTube views?

Although purchasing YouTube views might hasten channel growth, you should also stick to organic best practises. If viewers aren't motivated to subscribe and watch again the next time you upload a video, views are nothing.

Here are some pointers you may use to increase your YouTube views without having to shell out money:

Decide on a specialty. It's really congested on YouTube due to the massive amount of people seeking to build a name for themselves. It will be incredibly challenging to establish traction if you try to compete for attention in broad categories. You may gain attention more quickly by narrowing your focus.

Make stuff that's amusing or educational. Even though it seems straightforward, you must produce engaging content! Create engaging material if you want to increase interest in your business; YouTube users want to be informed or entertained about a subject.

Observe recommended procedures for optimising videos. In addition to appearing in Google search results, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

Make sure you keyword-optimize your videos, add pertinent tags, and make keyword-optimized “chapters” in the video progress bar if you want to appear in searches.

End screens and use cards. After your videos are published, you can add cards and end screens to them to point viewers to more videos, branded pages, or to ask them to subscribe to your channel. They are necessary for naturally raising opinions.

Create unique thumbnails. You can upload a unique image in place of the thumbnail that YouTube automatically creates for your video. By doing so, you can enhance the thumbnail with text, pertinent graphics, and brand-consistent colours. Customized thumbnails receive more clicks. Here is an example of a custom thumbnail from Nick Nimmin's channel:

Set up playlists. You can organise videos on YouTube into playlists based on a series or genre. If viewers enjoy what they see, they're wonderful for persuading them to watch more of your videos.

As you can see, there are numerous things you may do to naturally increase YouTube views. For optimal results, combine these strategies with view buying.

A conclusion

Here is a guide on purchasing YouTube views. Now I hope that it is easy to buy YouTube views for you.  

Your YouTube channel depends on views, so by employing one of the ten promotion services mentioned above, you can quickly ascend to YouTube greatness.

Purchasing YouTube views is a cheap way to get things going. Work your way up from a tiny bundle at first to see how it goes.

As you make playlists, optimise your videos for interaction and search, and create interesting material, be sure to adhere to recommended practices for generating organic views on your videos.

But if you have a music promotion company and want to outsource the music video promotion job then you can hire a music video promotion company like Promozle. They will do the job on your behalf and the best thing is that they are very professional at their job. So you can rely on them, seriously!


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