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10 Minute Awakening is a system that is designed by10Minute Awakening Review  the creators to reprogram your brain for success and positive progress.It is possible to go through all the stages of that experience; shock, denial, anger, and pain in varying degrees until finally you find some sort of acceptance. However, it may take a long time to reach that acceptance and this is when it is necessary to be kind and compassionate to one's self. An article in the magazine PSYCHOLOGIES last year put forward the suggestion that acceptance was sometimes better than trying to forgive, and that can apply to self forgiveness just as much as forgiving someone else.

There is no set time to get to the point where we can accept what we have done and the resulting effects; it is even harder if apologies have been thrown back in our face and we have been demonised. BUT! We do have to move on, recover our self esteem and rebuild our lives without the person or situation that has gone (this could be a pet, or a job, or even a home).

It is good to get out into fresh air, walk in green areas and even involve ourselves in jobs such as gardening or house decorating that involve hard physical work. Walking and resting around water is also peaceful for the mind and soul, it is also very grounding and that can be quite important when going through traumatic experiences, because that is what situations such as this are.




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