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There are occasions in which standard and even midi-excavators are not only more than enough “tool for the job,” but are simply too much. Besides, some job sites call for the size, maneuverability, and flexibility that only mini excavators (also known as compact excavators) and attachments can provide. 

They may be smaller, but don’t count them out. Here are 10 things that high-quality mini excavator attachments excel at. 

1. Small-scale excavation 
This is the job that excavators were designed for, after all. If you need to dig through or move earth, a mini excavator with a bucket attachment is a great combo. 

2. Landscaping, grading, and compacting
A bucket attachment alone can perform a lot of landscaping and compacting work, but there are even specialized grading buckets and plate compactors you can use for this task, too. 

3. Accessing sewer or irrigation lines for repair 
You don’t need a full-size, standard excavator in most instances calling for small-scale sewer line maintenance or repair. A mini excavator with a bucket attachment will typically offer you the maneuverability, size, and power you need. 

4. Removing or filling in earth
Need to backfill a low area? A mini excavator with a tilt, toothed or grading bucket is the ideal combination. 

5. Creating low areas for ponds
On the flip side, if you need an area excavated to create a pond, say, for livestock or aquaculture, a mini excavator is the perfect equipment for the job – especially if the area is difficult to access. 

6. Light demolition duty
You might not be taking down a full-size home with a mini excavator, but you can definitely bring down sheds, small detached garages, and other aging structures that need to be replaced for one reason or the other. 

7. Clearing trees and brush
You can topple small trees with nothing more than a mini excavator and a bucket with teeth, and then rip out the roots and stumps, too. But, at the same time, there are specialized attachments like brush cutters, mulchers, and rippers you can use to make the job easier. Also, Spartan Equipment makes specialized log splitters you can use to finish processing the wood after the first part of the job is done.

8. Assisting with trail clearing 
Clearing trails often does not merit wholesale removal of brush; just blazing some to make the path passable. A mini excavator might just be small and flexible enough to get the job done, and with a mulcher, mower, or bucket, you can get some of the preliminary work done easily. 

9. Planting trees 
Conversely, equipped with a mini-excavator and auger attachment, you can make much quicker work of planting trees, too. 

10. Digging small trenches
Equipped with a trencher attachment, a mini excavator can be the ideal piece of equipment for digging trenches for laying irrigation lines, creating French drains, cutting through roots, and much more. 

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They are not only highly durable, highly rugged, and highly dependable; Spartan Equipment offers a wide range of attachments that are versatile enough to tackle an equally broad swath of tasks.

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