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Today only a few eCommerce platforms are used to power the world’s online businesses. Whether you are a fledgling startup or a multibillion-dollar corporation, you want to choose the best option. You may have stumbled across Shopify eCommerce Store , one of the most popular eCommerce platforms to date while looking for the best available platform. 

Shopify is a sophisticated eCommerce platform developed by Shopify developers to manage over 1 million online companies in 175 countries. It is a subscription-based software and shop builder.

Shopify eCommerce Store is a popular choice among merchants because it allows them to swiftly establish and launch online companies and begin selling to a particular clientele, whether local or worldwide.

Shopify is a flexible eCommerce platform with something for everyone, whether you’re trying to establish a small online shop or operate a major corporation. Most importantly, it’s a platform that will change and develop with you and your company.

Expert Shopify developers from Parkhya Solutions will show you the 10 best reasons for using Shopify eCommerce online store for selling your products across the globe. 

1. Budget-Friendly Pricing

Price is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a Shopify eCommerce platform. One of Shopify’s main benefits is that they have price points for all types of businesses, from small startups to Fortune 500 corporations. 

Fees are reasonable, and Shopify contracts get renewed monthly if you decide to commit to a Shopify website. Shopify’s monthly prices start at $29 per month for the most basic package. 

2. Safe, Secure, and Dependable

Shopify is PCI certified, which means it has spent a lot of time and money making sure its solution is safe and secure for both merchants and customers. Automatic security updates keep the platform up to date, helping to keep merchant and client data safe from fraud.

As a SaaS-hosted solution, Shopify is also dependable. This implies that the store on shopify gets hosted on their servers, with a 99.98 percent uptime guarantee for merchants. This assists retailers in avoiding sales losses caused by their stores failing during periods of high online traffic. 

3. Visually Appealing Shopify Themes

Theme selection is one of the most exciting design decisions you’ll make as a business owner, and Shopify developers provide users with beautifully designed, adaptable, and sophisticated website themes.

Shopify offers 15 free designs from their theme shop that you can use to build your site, with possibilities to personalise and give it a unique look and feel.

These themes are built by Shopify experts to be responsive, meaning they can alter their layout to the device your consumer is using to see your website, whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet. Shopify themes are made for selling items and services on the internet. 

Dawn, the free default theme for all new Shopify businesses, is a highly sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful theme that allows your items to take centre stage. Users may also purchase premium themes from Shopify, which vary in price from $150 to $350.

4. 24/7 Support

Any Shopify package gives you access to some of the greatest free customer service an eCommerce platform can provide. Shopify experts provide a network of assistance that you can rely on if you get stuck in any part of the process of setting up and maintaining your online store.

You may discover customer support services in the form of email, live chat, blogs, video tutorials, and online web seminars for each difficulty you have as a seller or as someone still developing your business. Shopify also boasts a vibrant user community with active forums for you to check out and consult. 

5. Easy to Use

Because of its simplicity, Shopify is a popular choice. Shopify’s development was created for merchants who don’t want to be burdened by sophisticated systems and websites, allowing even the least tech-savvy to do administrative responsibilities.

Shopify’s admin pages are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. You’ll discover that the UI is well-organised and simple to use. Furthermore, several internet tools and groups assist users in swiftly locating and comprehending the details of their shop.

Because Shopify is entirely hosted, having technical knowledge isn’t required. This makes it easy to create, launch, and expand your business on your own.

6. Powerful SEO 

One of the most compelling reasons to use Shopify is its extensive SEO capabilities. Everyone wants to be on the top page of Google’s search results, and Shopify is designed to assist you in improving your website’s SERP rating so that customers can find you organically.

With built-in tools and functionalities from the admin, Shopify addresses all of the SEO requirements to help you rank. You can quickly edit meta-titles and meta-descriptions, have custom URLs and add picture ALT texts to your Shopify store using Shopify.

Furthermore, Shopify websites have a high loading speed and uptime. This is significant for SEO since faster loading times increase consumer happiness, which is a key ranking criterion on Google.

7. Sell in Multiple Currencies & Languages

Shopify allows you to sell in numerous currencies and languages, which helps merchants selling in multiple nations and regions increase their revenues dramatically.

Customers from other countries may examine product and service prices, check out, and obtain refunds in their own currency. Prices can be automatically translated based on current currency rates.

Furthermore, all Shopify plans allow merchants to sell in up to 20 different languages, providing them with an additional competitive edge because customers prefer to purchase in their own language. Customers will be more informed about your products, marketing, and shop policies as a result of this.

From the Shopify admin, you may enable different languages and establish distinct URLs for your translated content.

8. Multiple Sales Channels

Selling via several sales channels is one of Shopify’s eCommerce primary advantages. The many platforms your company utilises to sell and monitor items are referred to as sales channels. Shopify is more than just a sales platform; it’s also a product database that keeps track of everything.

This means you’ll be able to sell your items across many social media platforms and even link your online and physical stores.

You can access sales channels from the Shopify dashboard, where you can quickly and simply connect to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest, and eBay, among other platforms.

You can keep track of your items, orders, and customers in a single and comprehensive manner by integrating each of your sales channels into Shopify.

With the Shopify eCommerce Store Point of Sale software or POS, now offers solutions for eCommerce businesses with physical retail locations, as well as merchants that visit pop-up events and marketplaces. Shopify POS allows you to monitor and handle orders from a single spot, allowing you to keep track of orders and inventory in one place.

9. Shopify Apps

Do you want to make your Shopify store more functional? There’s a good chance there’s an app for it. Shopify provides a comprehensive app store for merchants that want to add a range of features to their store. The majority of applications are created by third-party developers who created apps to assist you to monetise your business and meeting your sales goals.

You may use apps to add product reviews to your business, increase your marketing, send email notifications, build VIP-based loyalty programmes, and much more.

With over 1,500 applications to select from, finding the right appearance and function for your vision and brand is simple. Many of the apps in Shopify’s app store are free, and the purchased apps are reasonably priced.

10. Multiple Payment Gateways‍

Shopify’s variety of payment gateways is one of the ways it provides a great user experience for both customers and merchants. Shopify payment options are payment solutions that allow customers to pay for items while also allowing you to accept payment in a variety of safe and easy ways.

Shopify Payments, which is powered by Stripe, is the greatest option that the company has to offer. Regular transaction costs are not applied to merchants who utilise this technique, making it a popular choice.

PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Cryptocurrency, credit card, and a variety of additional payment options are available. Shopify also ensures that you and your customers may purchase with you using their chosen payment methods.


Here, we have outlined 10 arguments and benefits of using Shopify as your eCommerce platform. There’s a reason why Shopify development powers over a million online stores: it’s simple to use, secure, and effective. Shopify store is one of the best eCommerce platforms and an obvious pick for the online entrepreneur since it is continuously inventing and fine-tuning its software to stay on the top of the game.

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