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Cats are adorable animals that have proven to be great furry companions over the years after being domesticated hundreds of years ago. The biggest benefit of having a pet cat is that it can adjust to its surroundings easily and is extremely self-sufficient.

Getting a cat as your pet comes with various options; choosing the breed, deciding whether to buy one from a pet store or adopting from a shelter. The reality is that if you are planning to get a pet cat, adopting can be a great option.

Overpopulation and mass breeding of cats are significant problems nowadays. The decision to adopt can help prevent mass breeding, addressing one of the major challenges of the growing cat population.

Many advantages come with adoption. For instance, you wouldn't have to worry about the cat being vaccinated. Most animal shelters have the animals already vaccinated.

Adopting is the choice to make if you have kids at home. It's important to know that kids pick up on the actions that they see in their surroundings. It can be an excellent opportunity to teach them about empathy and cultivate a sense of love in their hearts.

By opting to adopt, you wouldn't only be giving a new home to a pet but helping your kids establish strong values in life. There are numerous animal shelters where you can reach out and bring home your very own kitten.

This blog will discuss the 6 top reasons adopting cats is better than buying one from the pet store.

Giving Them a New Home

Adopting a cat from the animal shelter means that you are giving them a home. You would be saving a life and giving them a new family by doing this. It's a fact that cats are adequately looked after in an animal shelter, but nothing beats the comfort of living in a home with a loving family.

Adopting is Cheaper

The cost of a designer pet can cost you thousands of dollars. However, adopting a formerly stray cat or an abandoned show-winning feline would merely cost you $250 to pay the shelter as an adoption fee. Adopting a cat from an animal shelter is way cheaper than getting one from the pet store. The good thing is that the amount paid by you would be used to help other lost and found pets.

Helping a Cause

Adopting cats is a noble act that can help other animals as well. It should be noted that an animal shelter has limited space to accommodate the animals. The decision to adopt would make space for the new members of the animal shelter. In fact, by adopting a cat, you would probably be saving multiple animal lives.

Cats are House Trained

One of the biggest challenges cat owners face is training their furball. The best thing about cats from the animal shelters is that they are already house trained. You don't have to waste your time and energy potty training them.

Getting the Preferred Breed

Most people planning to get a cat are held back by the myth that they cannot find the right breed through adoption. Contrary to common beliefs, you can undoubtedly get the breed you wish to adopt as a pet from an animal shelter. Many animal shelters and animal rescue services can help you adopt the right breed.

Prevent Overpopulation

Sadly, there are not many homes for cats born every year. Adopting a cat can prevent overpopulation and effectively help the cause. The truth is that when you get a cat from an animal shelter, they are already neutered. This means there is one less suffering cat on the streets.

Encouraging Others

By adopting a cat, you can help spread awareness. Whenever you are asked where you got a pet from, you can tell them about adoption. It would help encourage others to consider animal adoption while collectively helping the cause.

Rescue Cats Make Great Pets

There's no doubt in the fact that rescue cats make great pets. All they need is an affectionate family that can give them love. The truth about cats is that they reciprocate the love that you show towards them. In fact, by adopting a cat, you would be doing yourself a favor. In his book Ellie Finds a New Family, Mark Salmon has attempted to educate children about the importance of adopting and rescuing animals. The book features different images aiming to spark a love for animals in children's hearts.

Helping the Kittens

Animal shelters are home to many kittens who have lost their families. You get the small cats for adoption and provide them with love and care. It would save their lives providing them with a sanctuary. Your decision to adopt can keep them safe from the reach of mass breeding facilities. It will be your way to make a statement against the overpopulation of animals. There's no doubt that they would be far more attached to you as you would become their only family.

Supporting the Organizations

Countless organizations are working towards making the world a better place for animals. But the sad reality is that the organizations don't have enough resources to cater to the increasing number of pets. You can lend a helping hand to any organization in the form of the adoption fee you would pay to adopt a furball. The money would be spent on making the living conditions better for new members of the shelter home.


Cats are lovable creatures. Adopting a cat over buying would provide a neglected animal with a new home. It would also create space at the shelters for other animals in need. There's a possibility that your decision might inspire more people to come forward and adopt animals. It can be your way of giving back to society by making the world a better place for animals.   


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