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10 Steps: How To Get More Personal Injury Clients

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On some level, every personal injury lawyer wants to know how to get more clients.

Of course, it’s important that you run your law firm just like any other successful business and put robust systems and management in place. There are many factors that contribute to making a law practice successful.

However, that’s all for nothing if what your personal injury law firm needs is more clients. Without sufficient clients and cases, your law firm is bust, plain and simple.

So here are my 10 steps to getting more personal injury clients for your law practice.

You need to differentiate your law firm from your competition.

If your law firm appears to be no different from the other law firms in your market, why should potential clients hire you instead of someone else?

Create a strong Unique Selling Proposition, giving potential clients a compelling reason why your law firm is a better choice for them than any other option available.

Think like a salesman.

The simple truth is that potential clients will NOT just land on your website, immediately pick up the phone, call your office and hire you on the spot.

Does. Not. Happen.

So you need to think about nurturing potential clients just like a good salesman or saleswoman would do.

You need to think about growing traffic to your site, converting some of them into leads, and then following up with them to convert some of those leads into clients.

Traffic. Leads. Follow-up. Conversions.

It’s so important, that just getting that right mindset is step 2.

Grow your traffic.

If you’ve got no traffic to your website then you’ve got nothing, unless you’re already paying another company (far too much money) to generate leads for you.

You can generate traffic to your website with good content that educates and informs potential clients about their case, about how your firm would handle their case, and about how your law firm is different – especially from the client’s point of view.



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