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Obviously, you need to store your golf clubs, balls, tees, and gloves in your Sun Mountain golf cart bag. Those are the basic essentials.

But cart bags typically have tons of extra pockets. What do you need them all for?

Well, start with some of these. You’ll find them useful on the course if your bag has been bereft of them for all this time.

1.A sharpie (preferably in a unique color)
Keeping track of your ball is not just a courtesy, it is a necessity, and you’re not going to do it with the pencil issued by the course. Do yourself a favor and keep a sharpie in your golf bag, and make it a color that not everyone uses.

2.Spare pencils
Speaking of that course-issued pencil, what are you going to do if you lose it, it breaks, or even if the point wears down? Either you need a pencil sharpener or some spare pencils. On that thought, we suggest keeping both in your golf bag.

3.A rangefinder
If you don’t play with a rangefinder, well, let’s just say there’s a very good reason why most (if not all) Sun Mountain golf cart bags have dedicated rangefinder pockets.

Trust us, a rangefinder can help you calculate ranges in seconds or less, better than you can do with the naked eye. That can improve your game and you’ll be able to play not only faster but more efficiently as well.

4.A jacket
A lightweight, waterproof, warm windbreaker will probably become one of your favorite golf bag essentials if you didn’t have one in there previously.

In early mornings, and after showers, the golf course is going to be wet. Hopefully, your shoes are waterproof or water-resistant; if not, get ready to slog through several holes with wet socks.

Or you could just bring along spares.

6.Towel (plus brush)
You can use a towel for everything from cleaning your hands off to wiping down your shoes. Most importantly, you can use a towel to clean and dry your golf clubs – which you should do between every swing, by the way.

Also, a brush can be helpful for dislodging mud, dirt, and grass from your club faces.

7.Bug spray
Not really for golf, specifically, but there’s going to come a time when you’re glad you had it in your golf bag. That’s all we can say.

8.Adhesive tape
Fight hot spots and blisters and improve grip with adhesive tape. It’s more utilitarian than bandages are and tends to stay in place better, too.

Sunscreen is a boon for golfers that are prone to burning or have sensitive skin and it can save your skin (literally) from a long, hot day in the sun. Keep some in your golf bag just as a reserve and don’t forget to apply it as it wears off.

Is the Old Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag Worse for Wear? Get a New One!
Time for a new Sun Mountain golf cart bag? Dallas Golf Company (DallasGolf.com) carries a wide range of cart bags (as well as travel bags and stand bags that are great for players that walk the course) in their online store.

Sun Mountain golf bags are some of the best the industry has to offer, and many of them have unique, specialized pockets for carrying along some of the essentials mentioned here. For instance, some of them have velour-lined valuables pockets, rangefinder pockets, and refreshment pockets as well.

Take a look through their collection of cart, stand and travel bags, which also contains push carts, online via the link above – and don’t be shy to call if you have questions, at 800-955-9550.

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