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Consider that you are prepared to go with your family. You have reserved a hotel room and prepared your luggage with warm winter clothing. However, an intense blizzard stops you in your tracks, leaving you trapped nowhere with minimal hope that help will show up. 

If you had been prepared and had your automobile kit ready, you would not have had to worry since you would have had everything you needed to fix the issue or keep yourself safe until help arrived. However, if not, you would certainly have to cancel your pleasant vacation plans because you will be stranded here for quite a while. Is that distressing? You shall not worry because this article will help you put together the winter car emergency kit you need when travelling through the northernmost parts of the region. 

Here the most important factor is maintaining the car and its important components. Therefore, you must look for Falken Tyres Oman to have a good driving experience. In comparison, you must have a winter survival car kit when driving on snowy and sleeky roads. 

  • Torch or Flashlight 
  • Jumper Cable 
  • Windshield Washer Fluid 
  • Compact Shovels 
  • Transportable Air Compressor 
  • Safety Absorbent 
  • First Aid Tool 
  • Set of Snow boots 
  • Powered Heater 
  • Plastic water bottles 

Torch Or Flashlight 

The flashlight is useful in a variety of situations. Need assistance seeing after sunset, need to replace a flat tyre, search for something beneath your car seat, or need to fix something below your car? A flashlight will be necessary for everything. Do not forget to carry extra batteries, though, or purchase a torch with backup batteries that you can connect to your car's battery in an emergency. 

Jumper Cable 

It is the most important item for a driver in their winter car kit. People frequently ask for assistance from others to use a jumper cord to restart their dead automobile battery. It can be a great assistance for you on long winter drives, and it works as an insurance policy. It will help if you have it with you.  

Windshield Washer Fluid 

If your automobile has trouble while driving, you never know how long you will be stranded. Therefore, it is crucial to keep antifreeze-capable windscreen washer fluid in your car survival kit to be used in severe weather situations when the temperature falls below freezing.  

Compact Shovels 

A little shovel is a must-have item for your winter car emergency kit if you travel in the north during the winter. Then, when a rescue crew is miles away, and your automobile is trapped in the snow, you can start excavating a path for your vehicle on your own. Due to evolution, shovels can now be foldable and take up less room, so you do not need to worry about their size. 

Transportable Air Compressor 

A little air compressor is something you must have in your winter car toolkit when discussing items that do not take up much room. For example, if you have low tyre pressure, you will not have to worry about assistance coming, especially in cold weather. To get your car's tyres inflated to the recommended level, use the transportable air compressor whenever and wherever you need to. 

  1. Safety Absorbent 

When travelling in cold weather, safety absorbent is a necessary item since it will help your automobile tyres regain traction if you become stopped in snowfall. Therefore, you must have a safety absorbent in your car as a winter toolkit when driving in snow for long hours or when the weather is unpredictable.  

First Aid Tool 

When you are trapped in extremely cold weather, your car is not the only thing that will suffer. So, keep additional bandages, medications, and any other supplies you might require to treat a cut you might receive when changing your tyre. As a result, if you are heading to another region in the winter, you should bring a first aid kit. 

Set of Snow boots 

A decent quality pair of boots can withstand extreme cold and even snow for an easy walk. In addition, when you have a pair of boots, you can easily stay on your feet for a considerable amount of time while travelling or hiking.  

Powered Heater 

The worst choice you can make is to leave your car running while you are stuck in the car to stay warm. Because you can run out of petrol sooner than you expect, a candle-powered heater shall be a part of your winter survival package so that you can stay warm in a car if you become trapped. To stay calm and warm until the rescue crew arrives, all you need is a metal container, candles, and a lighter. When gas is limited, candlelight serves as a temporary warmer.  

Plastic Water Bottles 

Make sure you bring plenty of “plastic” water bottles with you on a long drive. It will help you with cold and teeth-shattering weather. However, when it becomes too cold, you cannot take the chance of shattering the glass bottle because it will not be able to withstand the extreme cold. 


If you take a winter road trip, all the above items must be in your car emergency kit. It will help make your driving experience more comfortable for you and your family in the wintertime. 




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