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Undoubtedly, the month of Ramadan requires self-control and patience. It is the season for remembering Allah SWT, feeling regret for past mistakes, and having a fresh start. This fasting month conveys patience and exhorts its followers to continue doing what they owe to Allah. Muslims should not bemoan the hardships of keeping the fast while enjoying the blessings and benefits of this holy month. Muslims from K can take advantage of cheap umrah packages if they wish to spend this Ramadan at Makkah. However, it frequently happens that people seem to misunderstand this holy month of Ramadan.

1-Taking Ramadan as a ritual than considering Ibaadah:

Ramadan has lost its religiosity and has turned into more of a ritual. We observe a 24-hour fast simply because everyone else is doing it. We forget that this is a moment to purge all sin from our minds and souls. We mainly refrain from eating and drinking, though.

2- Importance of food and drink:

For some, the focus of Ramadan is on eating and drinking. Instead of concentrating on praying, reading from the Quran, and other acts of worship, they spend the entire day planning, cooking, purchasing, and thinking about food.

3- Eating too much at Suhoor and Iftar:

Some people believe that overeating at Suhoor will prevent them from feeling hungry during the day, while some people eat at Iftar as if there is no tomorrow. The secret to everything is balance, though.

4- Sleeping all day during fast timing:

Those who are sleeping all day on a fast are missing the point of the practise. They are unable to “bear” to be awake, deal with a little hunger, or exercise restraint.

5- Fasting but not giving up sins:

Some people fast without renunciating sins like fighting, lying, cheating, stealing, dealing in haram, backbiting, etc. All prohibited activities without realising that the goal of fasting is to refrain from eating and drinking.

6- Wasting time during Ramadan:

The month of Ramadan is a precious period of time. This month of forgiveness and mercy will end before we can separate it. We should make an effort and give Allah SWT our whole attention at all times. Some of us waste time watching TV, movies, and music videos, playing video games, and listening to music.

7- People who missed Suhoor not fasting:

If Suhoor is missed, some people do not fast. While it's not a big deal if you go a day without eating, it is a major deal if you miss one meal. We should resolve in our hearts to observe tomorrow's fast. That is all that is required, niyah.

8-Eating a lot at Iftar until the time for Maghrib is up:

Some people overindulge at Iftar, breaking their fast with dessert, tea, and other treats until the end of Maghrib. It appears that's not right.

9- Missed Fast because of exams or work is not allowed:

Exams or work-related absences are not acceptable explanations for missing fast, according to rule 9. If it is too difficult to study during the day, you can do it at night. Additionally, keep in mind that following and pleasing Allah is far more important than receiving good marks.

10- To seek Lailat ul Qadr only on the night of the 27th:

10- To pray for Lailat ul-Qadr just on the night of the 27th, ignoring all other odd nights: Some Muslims exclusively offer prayers on the night of the 27th in order to seek Lailat ul-Qadr. The last ten nights of Ramadan should contain the odd-numbered evenings for Lailat ul-Qadr. Use the December umrah packages with Baitullah Travel for family to spend the final month of the December at Makah.



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