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On September 11, 1997, his sister Kelley was born in Somerset, New Jersey. She played youth soccer and tennis, and she’s currently studying at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. As of 2017, she has not yet followed in her brother’s footsteps to become a professional footballer! Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Kelley Pulisic.

1) Maddy will be a junior in high school this year

It might seem weird, but Maddy Pulisic is no ordinary teenager. She’s a member of her high school’s varsity girls’ soccer team, and it isn’t unusual for her to practice or play a game in one afternoon. At age 15, she is just one year younger than US Women’s National Team star and fellow Hershey native Carli Lloyd—who won gold with Team USA at both Olympics and World Cups.

2) She plays basketball, soccer, and swims

Thanks to her athletic brother, Chasteen is always on sports. She’s just as athletic herself, playing basketball for four years and soccer for two at Wexford Senior High School in Pittsburgh. In her free time, she swims competitively.

3) She was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania

The Pulisics are Pennsylvania natives, and were born in Hershey—the same place where Hershey’s Chocolate is made. Little brother Christian was born there as well. (USA Today)

4) Her favorite subject is Math

If you’re looking for a career in something lucrative, studies have shown that students who enjoy math will usually do well in it. That being said, she must be really good at it if she can perform so well despite her age. In fact, you could say that she’s better than average with numbers. Did we mention that she’s just 12 years old? Yeah, we did…but we wanted to mention it again!

5) She started playing soccer when she was three years old

Like her brother, Tina grew up playing soccer. She began when she was three and went on to play for a team in Germany.

6) When she grows up, she wants to travel the world as a sports journalist.

Lindsey is a sports lover, just like her older brother. When she grows up, she plans to travel all over and write articles about different sports leagues. And it seems that Lindsey has been working on her career path since a young age: When I was little, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up so I could visit all of my favorite places around the world with my family.

7) Her nickname on Instagram is maddy_mccallister18

Her Instagram handle is @maddy_mccallister18, and it looks like she likes to post photos of food (like any teenage girl does). One of her most recent posts on Sept. 11 was a photo of her eating strawberries. Her username, maddy_mccallister18, comes from her full name: Madelyn McCallister. She’s 17 years old.

8) The most interesting fact we could find? She sleeps with her eyes open.

A foot injury kept her off of The Road to Brazil, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at her upbringing and life. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about his sister.

9) If she wasn't an athlete, she'd be an artist.

When asked what she would be if she wasn’t a professional soccer player, an elite athlete with no end of potential in her field, her answer came quickly: She’d be an artist. Her love for painting has been evident throughout our conversation. She is a very creative and artistic person, he says. She loves to paint and draw; it’s a good way for her to relax.

10) And finally…She's really good at drawing!

Natalie might be a skilled soccer player in her own right, but one thing she’s also pretty good at is drawing. Her caricatures are… Well, it’s hard to explain. See for yourself below



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