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1. Leave a Note

This might seem beyond obvious, but you have to leave a note to have your personal stylist read it! Be sure to leave a note so that you can provide information and requests for your stylist. The note becomes even more critical if you are looking for a StyleNook outfit for a special occasion.

2. Don’t be Too Vague in Your Requests

When you leave your requests in your note don’t be too vague. Don’t just ask for dresses and tops unless you know you will be happy with any type of dress. Do you want the dress for a casual work environment or a formal one ? Dresses to go out and about with friends? Is there a specific occasion that you have in mind?

While you don’t want to be too specific and prescriptive, giving some directional information as to what you would like to receive, will give you a better chance of seeing something that you are happy with.

3. Don’t Be Too Specific With Requests

If you are making a request in your note, while you want to provide some directional information per Tip #2, you also don’t want to be too specific or prescriptive.

Your personal stylist picks from collections of our 200+ partner brands. The stylist is not searching the world wide web or every store. Your stylist is not going to be able to meet your request if it is too specific.

For example, instead of asking for “a pink maxi dress with yellow flowers,” it’s best to ask for “a brightly coloured maxi dress,” “a maxi dress with a floral print” or just simply “a maxi dress for summer.” It’s quite likely StyleNook will not have a pink maxi dress, with yellow flowers, in your size, fabric and budget requirements. (Honestly if you are extremely clear about what you want, then you should use search and filters on other sites.) However, it is very likely a stylist can find “a maxi dress in a cute colour and print for summer.”

4. Leave Feedback on Previous Requests

If you liked a look from your previous request, let your stylist know. But also let your stylist know that you want more items of that type. If you got a printed saree that you really liked, let your stylist know that you’d like similar sarees this time as well.

5. Make Sure Your Profile Aligns with Your Note

Although you may add detailed information to your note, make sure your profile aligns with what you are saying in your note.

If you are requesting a kurta, and you have marked no to kurtas in your profile, you will need to go back to your profile to change this. Similarly if you are looking for a unique dress for a special occasion, make sure your budget reflects this.

Don’t just leave notes without updating your Stitch Fix profile to match.

6. Let her know what inspires you

Fashion is visual and we understand that it can be difficult to express a particular style/trend that you like. Share links of what is exciting you these days. To keep it easier, we have a new feature that allows you to paste links of something that has caught your eye. If it’s a recent post from our social media pages, please do share the link, since we will have it. Use it — your personal stylist sees it.

7. Focus on the Positive, Not the Negative

In your notes and requests, focus on the pieces you want to receive and the styles you have liked in the past, instead of listing out what you don’t want.

The algorithm picks up the keywords in your note, so treat your note like a keyword search, and tell it what you want to see.

Instead of saying “no shorts, capris or cropped pants” say “send me full-length pants.”

Focus on what you want!

8. Don’t Reference an Email or Ad

Many times clients mention liking a top or style from our emails or ads. However, our emails and ads are hyper-personalized, and so there’s really no way your stylist will know what email or ad you are referring to.

If you saw something you liked in an email or ad, you can contact our customer service with a screenshot of the email or ad and can ask them to add it to your note.

9. Provide Options

Provide your stylist with a few different options when it comes to your requests. Your personal stylist is going to show you various pieces, so give her options and alternatives.

If you provide a few different options, it’s more likely that your stylist can meet at least one or two of your requests, in which case you are much more likely to be happy with your options!

For example, say “I would like a maxi dress with a floral print. If you don’t have that send a black maxi dress.”

10. Express Your Delight and Gratitude

Honestly nothing makes a personal stylist happier than knowing that their client is delighted with their previous picks. Be sure to let them know you are a happy client and that you appreciate the stylist’s efforts.

While a stylist will always try her best to delight every client, every time, a happy and grateful client motivates a stylist to go that extra mile to meet requests.

Hope that arms you with enough information to get your best StyleNook experience ever. If you are all set to place your next StyleNook request now, go right ahead.












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