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It is one of the most essential things you will need to account for studying the GMAT Exam, if you're researching business school admissions requirements and mapping out your application plans. With a strong GMAT score, candidate will stand out in the admission process and have some chances to qualify for the various scholarships which help out to cover the cost of your degree.

Somewhere the thought of preparing GMAT is quite daunting at first but assure that by preparing a solid study plan, an effective test preparation strategy, and with the help of experts, candidates can set themselves up for success and earn the best score.

So, with that here are 10 tips for GMAT exam prep which will help you ace your GMAT Exam:

  • Make a GMAT study plan early: Masters in business administration applications have various components which include essays, letters, resumes, and many more and if candidate piled up things for the last moment then it all get juggled and also not get condensed time to prepare for the GMAT Exam.

To avoid this mess you should make a study plan early.

  • Be aware of GMAT Structure: Before formulating the study plan, ensure that you know the structure of the GMAT Exam. It includes 4 sections:

Analytical Writing Assessment- It measures your ability to think critically and communicate your ideas. (30 minutes, 1 question)

 Integrated reasoning – This measures your ability to analyze data    and interpret information displayed in varied formats. (30 minutes, 12 questions)

Quantitative reasoning – It measures your ability to reason mathematically, solve quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data.  (62 minutes, 31 questions)

Verbal reasoning – It evaluates your reading comprehension skills, editing abilities, and whether you can make sense of written arguments. (65 minutes, 36 questions)

  • Choose your GMAT study material wisely: There are immense test preparation resources available, but you have to choose it wisely. To prepare the best, it is suggested that you should choose GMAT Official prep materials. It consists of actual test and real questions from previous years exams.
  • Take a mock test before preparing for the exam: It is because you get to know your baseline for the same and your weakness in any section.How well you are and how far off you are from your target score. It is like the comparison point of your first attempt to the final attempt of GMAT preparation that how effectively your preparation is going.
  • Keep track of time as a part of your GMAT preparation: There is limited time to complete the exam so pacing yourself is paramount to your GMAT success. If you are practiced enough then start keeping track of time.
  • Be familiar with the text and format of the Exam: The exam is different from other exams so you should be familiar with the format of the questions so that during the exam, you won’t allocate too much time to understanding the questions.
  • Don’t get stuck on a question, keep going: If you are unable to solve the whole sections in one go, immediately switch to either a new question or section. Do not waste time getting stuck on the same question or section.
  • Learn the trick of elimination process in GMAT Exam: If you are unsure of any question then don’t waste your time resolving it again and again. Select the best of the remaining choices and move on to the next question. Sometimes, you can apply a “guessing strategy” in this kind of situation.
  • Improve your Mathematical section: You should start working on your mental maths as a part of your study as some calculations are not that tough to be solved by calculator, it will help you to save your time.
  • Focus on Solving Advanced Questions: Don’t be limited in terms of solving questions. Push your limits and start solving advanced questions so that you can get elite marks after all this hard work.


Before preparing for the GMAT exam, first make an early study plan and understand the GMAT exam structure and choose the study material wisely, then take a practice test to find out your score as well as your weaknesses and strengths, and familiarize yourself with the format and style. After that, learn not to get stuck on the question and learn the tricks to eliminate the process. Of course, while practicing for the GMAT exam, try not to use a calculator, keep track of time and concentrate on learning rather than answering all the questions correctly. Finally, do as much as practice advanced questions which leads to score you best in you GMAT Exam. All the best!



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