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Some people claim that the style is innate and that it is impossible to acquire it over the years. To some extent, I agree with this somewhat cheeky statement: While making elegant choices does require some natural instinct, I think it's still possible to develop your style. The definition of style differs greatly from person to person, and the same goes for watches. Most watches can be worn with a wide variety of looks and are a great way to express your personality.

The search for a unique look is a never-ending adventure for many: while some follow the principles dictated by fashion magazines, others are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. Unlike clothing, the appeal of watches rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/womens-watch/ often goes far beyond their appearance. Many enthusiasts indeed admire the technical mastery entering into their manufacture or their role in several personal or historical events that have marked the last century. Others are interested in all the aspects mentioned above. If this is your case, you know that a watch is much more than just an accessory: it is an object allowing to start conversations, a symbol, a personal hobby, a family heritage, a passion, And much more. That's it, the power of an incredible watch.

It's not just about buying a luxury watch. In the world of watches, the different models available often reflect the style of the wearer. The category you are surely familiar with are dress watches . These timepieces add a touch of sophistication to any look and are usually worn with formal outfits – or at least in part.

Next are sports watches, designed for an active lifestyle. In this category, diving watches are by far the most common. Despite their sporty character, these watches are often extremely versatile and pair perfectly with many styles of clothing.

Toolwatches have a few characteristics in common with sports watches and adapt to different styles as well. Formerly reserved for professional use, toolwatches are now popular with the general public and many models have become true icons of fashion.

The fourth group includes stylish designer watches, real works of art to be worn on the wrist. These little treasures say as much about the brand as they do about the person who wears them. Now on to vintage watches . Each of the aforementioned categories has its share of vintage watches: it's a simple matter of age. Your passion for vintage watches also says a lot about you.

Tissot Vintage Chronograph

Some watches associated with celebrities are impossible to categorize. The most famous example is the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona . Although Rolex never officially named this timepiece “Paul Newman”, the American actor's impact on this model rafiqsonsonline(.)com/product-category/smart-watches/ was so great that many watch enthusiasts nickname it as such. Anyone who wears a Paul Newman Daytona is automatically seen as an impeccably styled individual. The advantage of this watch is its versatility: Paul Newman, for example, wore his copy with a suit, a polo shirt, and even with a leather jacket and tailored pants for a wilder look, perfectly suited to his motorcycle excursions. .

The watch worn by actor Steve McQueen is another well-known example: the TAG Heuer Monaco , in particular the blue and white model with red details, is today inseparable from the Hollywood star. Like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen was one of those people who could wear almost any style – or almost. McQueen's outfits were much more casual than Newman's, however: while he wasn't shy about wearing a suit, the King of Cool was more of a regular in jeans / t-shirt.

The last icon we are going to look at is none other than James Bond. Of the three personalities, this is probably the one who has had the greatest influence on men's style over the past five decades. Bond's closet is a reflection of his activity: depending on his mission of the day, he can just as easily wear a tuxedo as pants with a jacket and shirt, or even a turtleneck and trousers. The year 1995 marked an important turning point with the transition from the Rolex Submariner (in various configurations) to the Omega Seamaster.


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