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Quiz your kids after a lesson at an indoor ski school, and you may be surprised what they learn. Here are fun facts that make snowboarding and indoor ski slopes a great place to learn the basics of shredding a mountain.

1.    Colorado's longest ski run is 4.5 miles long. No two mountain runs are exactly the same and neither are the dry slopes in Colorado at indoor ski schools. When you search for “indoor ski slope near me,” look for programs that meet your child's abilities and needs.

2.    At Shredder Ski + Snowboard schools, indoor ski slopes range from 3 feet to 12 feet tall. Inclines stretch from 10 feet to 47 feet, depending on the location. The gentle learning zone gives beginners an easy way to learn how to make turns, control speed and stop.
Open gyms at Shredder locations give young snowboarders and skiers a chance to get some quality time on the indoor ski hill. Your shredders can have fun in an unstructured setting and work on their skills.
Shredder keeps the group size small for the 45-minute gym times. Team members are on hand to offer tips and keep it fun. Just remember – you are responsible to supervise your children while they are in the gym.

3.    Coldest day of the year in Colorado is January 28. Colorado boasts 300 days of sunshine and more than 300 inches of snow a year. Average high temperatures in mountain country hover around 28°F. That means you need plenty of layers to keep you warm from top to toe while shredding a slope.
Inside Shredder indoor Ski school, it's always a balmy 68°F. Our climate-controlled environment is just right for indoor shredder conditions. The Xtreme artificial turf gives skiers and snowboarders the right surface to learn how to turn, stop, slip and move down the slope, just like on fresh powder.
No need to worry about winter outer wear at indoor ski schools. Dress for action, bring a helmet and get ready for fun!

4.    Are you a goofy or regular snowboarder? We're not talking Disney characters, although the loveable dog Goofy may take credit for a popular shredder stance. A goofy stance for surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders means your right foot is in front. Riders with a regular stance have their left foot in front.
 The numbers clearly favor regular riders. By most estimates, 70% of snowboarders keep their left foot in front. Only 30% ride goofy. Compare those numbers with right hand versus left handers. Nine out of 10 people are righties!

5.    Your gluteal complex is the most powerful muscle group in the body. Do you know what the hardest lower body part is for young children to identify? It's the ankle.
The joint between our leg and foot plays a key role in learning good ski stance and how to start, stop, twist and turn. That's why youngsters at Shredder Ski + Snowboard learn to sing a tune about hips, knees, ankles and toes –­ essential body parts for snow sports.

All those joints come into play as skiers and snowboarders gain strength, flexibility and balance. Lessons at dry slopes in Colorado keep your kids in motion as they learn what it takes to shred the ups and downs of slope terrain.

6.    Pizza and fries make a great combination for skiers. Don't be surprised if you think your kids went out for lunch instead of indoor ski school. They may come home with a full menu of new terms that help them remember how to position their skis.
The lingo is an easy way to teach youngsters about rotation skills. Make a pizza – or wedge – and stop. Line up skis like fries and head straight down the slope.
Instructors at Shredder follow an instruction model tailored to the way children think, behave and move. The curriculum moves students through a progression of stations to build your child's skills, confidence and passion for the sport.
Through games like Red Light, Green Light, students learn how to stop on command and get moving again. Follow the Leader teaches kids about obstacles on the mountain and how to avoid them.


7.    The first snowboard was called a snurfer. A dad in Michigan bolted two snow skis together for his daughters to glide down the local hills. His wife named the contraption a snurfer, since it looked like surfing on snow.
Snowboarders today need to master the art of balance. That's why snowboard lessons can help your child get ready to shred.
Indoor lessons give your kids a chance to learn basic skills in a safe, fun environment. By progressing through stations on flat ground and various slope sizes, kids can practice their balance and proper stance. They also learn mountain safety and how to get on and off a chairlift. 

8.    It takes only 3 minutes to get down a ski run. Here's a quick math equation to challenge you: 10-minute lift line + 7 minute lift ride + 3-minute ski run = 20-minute lap.
 How much time are you actually moving down the slope? Only 3 minutes!
 That's why ski school or snowboard lessons make sense. It's a great way for your kids to learn the basics and get comfortable on the indoor ski hills before you head out for family time on the mountain.


9.    Ski boots are the most important piece of ski gear. Your kids need the right gear to learn how to ski or snowboard. But that doesn't mean you have to race off to the store to buy equipment for your beginner.  
 Look for indoor ski schools that include boots, boards and bindings in the cost of lesson packages. It's the best way to get the right fit to protect legs and ankles as your child learns new moves for the mountains.
 Ski schools like Shredder have rental and retail services to outfit your kids for your next family trip. You can find the small sizes you need for your tots or special order colors and sizes that you can't find in the store.


10. Union Pacific Railroad invented the first ski lifts. In the early days of skiing, toboggans pulled by animals carried skiers to the top of the slopes. Today's high-speed lifts travel at more than 11 miles an hour and can climb 1,000 feet per minute.
 It's important to know how to safely load, ride and unload from a chairlift. That's why ski schools like Shredder Ski teach your child what happens from the lift line to the end of the ride.


11. Gift certificates make great holiday presents. Did you know you can buy ski and snowboard equipment at Shredder? Or try out the rental program before you head to the mountains. You can save time and money getting your kids geared up and ready to shred at Shredder Ski + Snowboard.


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