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Successful marketers know the importance of building email lists. Do you know the reason behind this? Here we tell you-the email contacts get degrade over time. Some of the contacts move from one company to another and change their email addresses. Others get a new account and the previous one goes to permanent hibernation.

Many of the companies keep sending emails to those accounts and inboxes get ultimately full resultantly your email starts getting bounces. Email list building is a process to collect email addresses from users or website visitors. This is mandatory to grow your subscriber database and enhance the capacity of business communication.

Smart marketers always keep the above-mentioned facts in mind and they keep growing the contact lists as an essential strategy. Email marketing impacts positively when the audience wants to receive your email campaign. Focusing on results, savvy marketers emphasize the right audience to send a timely broadcast.

What Is an Email List?

In simple words, the email list is “a list of people who have opted-in to receive updates about your product, offers, and brand through email.” This list is hosted by an email marketing software where you create a form that is also usable for your website to build your email list.

You can also create a list on the software and add many contacts you plan to use for an email blast. You might have subscribed to an email newsletter to receive emails or free eBooks. This happens when you choose to be part of a mailing list of that website. Hence, an email list is a collection of addresses, used by an organization or an individual to send marketing campaigns to many subscribers.

Email list based on an email marketing software which acts like customer relationship management tool. It works like a bridge between the sender and receiver to make the campaign significantly effective. Not only sending an email blast, but the software also is responsible for a group the contacts in segments and tracking the email interactions.

Email List Acts as an Elixir for the Online Business

Email marketing is the soul of growing your online business. It not only helps to make your business a success story but also turns individuals into loyal fans who feel proud to be connected with you.

Email is the greatest reality of today and the primary means of interaction between individuals and organizations. According to a study conducted by “ExactTarget”, 77% of the customers like to receive marketing messages through emails. When a person signs up for your business, it means that he is interested in your product. Your subscribers like to hear what you have to say because they are well aware of the fact when they will subscribe that you will send them marketing messages.

Therefore, when you connect with your email list, keep in mind that you have to be fair with the content that will be sent to the recipients so that they keep in touch with you. Once you breach their trust, they will go once for all. And not only this, they will stop others to get connected with you by sharing their experience. If you want to keep yourself alive in the online market, keep your email list updated.

How to Build an Email List Organically?

Email list building is an art. It is one of the best strategies to make your business profitable. Here are some must-learn techniques to build your email contact list organically.   

Keep It as Simple as You Can

Let us start with the simplest but most straightforward strategy making the sign-up process so simple for your subscribers. If you are not following this already, do it now because no one wants to spend a lot of time filling up a lengthy form to get an update or newsletter from you.

As an alternative, ask them to provide some simple details like name, and email for customization purposes. One of the best ways to figure out this strategy is to meditate beforehand on what type of information or newsletter you want to send to your clients.

If you want to get some extra information, at least do not make it compulsory for the subscribers to move further. Also, avoid making page long forms with a lot of colors, just keep it as simple as possible. We recommend you keep the background empty so that the user may not distract and focus on what you want.

Another tip may be helpful if you are working on multiple domains. Set a checkbox where they can select what type of information they want to hear from you. This will not only create a sense of interest in the subscriber but also will increase the open rate of your email campaign.

Take Customers’ Permission

Before sending an email, take permission from the customer. In your messages, provide valued content to engage the subscribers and offer them free coupons on signing in. introduce them properly about your organization, offers, discounts, and feed them the right information. It will develop a relationship based on trust.

If you keep sending the emails randomly without knowing the recipients, it will be enough for them to mark your email as spam which will ultimately destroy your brand reputation. Another mistake some of the marketers do that they buy an email list. This has never been a good practice because you do not know the recipients.

Make a rule for your email list that adds someone who willingly opt-in to your list. According to stats, 47% of the users open emails based on the subject line, whereas, 64% open who it’s from bases.

Keep the Email List Healthy

Email decay is a fact and we have to accept it open-heartedly. If you want to make your email campaign successful, be brave to remove the inactive contacts. On one hand, your email campaign will be effective, and the contact list will remain healthy on the other hand.

Since the inactive contacts cause bounce and the open rate will also be minimized. However, if you are reluctant to remove the inactive contacts in one go, arrange a campaign to re-activate the interested readers.

Run a Contest or Promotion

The only way to build your email list and engage your customers is to keep providing incentives and offers to your subscribers. One of the easiest ways to keep your list growing is to invest in your audience.

Use other social media forums and ask the users to leave their email addresses to participate in the contest. People love winning and they will definitely mention their email addresses in order to take part in the contest.

Here are some ideas to conduct the contest:

  • Conduct a photo contest where users share the best scenery/pet photo.
  • The best funny video.
  • Conduct a quiz competition.
  • Ask users to share the most favorite poem.
  • Conduct a short story competition.

Decide the format and the prize accordingly. Make sure the prize needs to be related to your product and business. Here a question can arise in your mind why not cash prizes? Let us explain to understand this mystery; if you set a cash prize for the winner, you will not be able to know if the contestant is really interested in your product.

If you mention any product as a prize, it will show that the participators are really interested in your brand.

Include a Call to Action (CTA) In Your Social Media Bios

It is quite possible that if you are running an online business, you may have accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., other than the website. You can include a call to action (CTA) for the users to subscribe for the valuable content. There are a lot of chances that when someone visits your bio, you can have a new subscriber.

Encourage Your Subscriber to Share Email to Many and Get Special Offers

You need to include a social sharing button and ask the existing subscribers to share your email with family and friends. If you want to encourage them, you should mention some special discounts on the selected products.

By doing this there are great chances to gain many new subscribers which is highly important for your email campaign. After planning this strategy, add the “Subscribe” CTA at the bottom of your email.

Promote Your Emails in Video Descriptions

You might be using YouTube for your business promotion. You will find the descriptions that say everything about the content that is being discussed in the video. Here in these descriptions, you can mention your email sign-up.

This tip is helpful and you can entice your users to ask them to “learn more” or “for more information”. When a user clicks these from the description, it shows that he is interested to know more about you.

There are very many chances that the users who are clicking the link, will subscribe to your newsletter for more information. This will ultimately grow your email contact list organically.

Ask Website Visitors for the Feedback

When a user visits your website, it is up to you if you do not take notice of it or make him your permanent customer. The only method to get more and more subscribers is to keep your audience engaged in every way. Every time when a user visits, ask him for feedback.

People love to share their thoughts, and in this way, you can acquire their information. Ask the visitors about the website experience and what they have in their minds to make it better. Also, ask them what they have to say about your business.

Here is something worth mentioning that do not mind if someone does not like your product. Take it positively and consider the visitor’s review. It is also not possible to make everyone happy, but at least you can consider it.

Make Your Emails Personalized

Sometimes people get connected with you, they show interest in your product and subscribe to your newsletter. But, if they do not get special care, they will not wait for a minute to hit the unsubscribe link. Therefore, you have to make your campaign personalized and friendly to keep your subscribers intact.

For example, it is a great way to start the process by sending a welcome message to the new subscriber. In the welcome message tell the subscriber how important is for your business. Then again, when you send an email campaign, use a customized subject line. This method will alert the recipient and he will take notice of it when he will see his name.

Set the Right Email Sending Frequency

Every step in building your contact list is equally important including setting up email sending frequency. Email campaign strategy must be planned. Sending a lot of emails can be harmful to your audience without knowing if they like your message or not.

Do you know what will be happened when you keep sending them emails without knowing their interest? They will unsubscribe from your contact list. Instead of growing the field, you will start losing subscribers. Therefore, set the right email sending frequency.

Utilize an Email Marketing Service Provider

Email marketing service providers like Mailchimp, Mumara, Hubspot, etc., are so smart that you can easily send email campaigns to a lot of subscribers. The features to make content personalized are so efficient that you will get maximum return on investment.

From creating a list, designing a beautiful campaign through a drag & drop editor will make your campaign fruitful the way you want.


To conclude, we can say that growing an email contact list is easy when you do it through proper strategy. An email list is where you find the interested individuals are interested to get more information about your brand. You can keep them engaged by sending many offers and discounts on the products they are looking for.

An intelligent email marketing software can make your email campaign successful when you use it properly. Email automation provides you the opportunity to send customized emails. If you find your audience organically, they will be more fruitful instead of a list you just bought from another source.


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