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We all know flooring is an important part of your home, but if you want something with style and personality, tiles are the way to go.   Whether they're traditional or contemporary, tiles can make a feature out of otherwise plain spaces. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate them into your interior design scheme.

When it comes to tiling any space in your home, the first thing that comes into play is budget; next up is personal taste. With so many designs on offer at tile stores across Australia , it's worth taking the time to choose one that suits both these factors (and there's no point choosing anything too garish).  Another factor is durability – if you have plans for this space in particular (such as an outdoor entertaining area), then you might want to consider tiles that are more resistant to the elements.

When it comes to tiling your living room, there are lots of options available depending on your design scheme and budget. The first idea is to use groutless tiles so they don't look too busy. Here's our pick of 11 flooring ideas for a modern-style living room…

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01      Groutless Tiles

These stunning herringbone porcelain tiles from Italian tile store Luisa Cerano  are impressive with their geometric pattern and wonderful marble effect. They come in two sizes – 600x600mm or 400x400mm – and would work perfectly as a feature wall inside a contemporary home. We'd recommend staggering the joints to draw attention to the pattern.

02      Wooden Tiles

These beautiful wooden tiles from Australian tile store Carlisle Floors  would be perfect for a modern living space that needs something stylish and eye-catching without making too much of a statement. The antique oak look would suit most colour schemes, and they're available in three tones, so you can choose accordingly. They also come in both stone and wood effect, so there's plenty of choice when it comes to this kind of flooring.

03      Herringbone Tiles

The linear lines on these lovely herringbone porcelain tiles  from Italian tile store Luisa Cerano make them a real winner when it comes to adding style to a tiled floor. We love the white matte finish, but they also come in glossy so there's plenty of choice, depending on what you're after. As with other options on this list, staggered joints are key to emphasising their beauty even more.

04      Wooden Herringbone Tiles

If you want something just as striking as the wooden tiles above that also happens to be slightly more practical for outdoor living areas, then take a look at these herringbone wooden tiles , only these have an added protective coat too! They're perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, because you can simply dry them off if it gets wet outside. It means they'll last longer too – not that any wood is likely to be damaged from the occasional bit of rain.

05      Industrial Tiles

This grey porcelain tile from Australian tile store Daniel's Flooring  is our take on a Victorian-inspired look, but modernised for today's homes. We love how it uses straight lines and a contemporary shade to create something that would suit most modern home designs while still looking timeless. The tiles come in two sizes – 600x600mm or 305x305mm – so you can use them almost anywhere without too much hassle.

06      Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are right at home in period properties where lots of different patterns combined together make up the main room motif (think Victorian houses for an example). However, they can work just as well in more modern homes. These antique white porcelain hexagon mosaic tiles would be perfect for a hallway, living room or kitchen splashback because of their beautiful vintage detail. They come in three sizes – 300x300mm, 600x600mm and 900x900mm.

07      Black & White Tiles

We love the simplicity of black and white tiles when it comes to creating a statement floor, but they can also offer something more practical if you're thinking about your home's resale value . That might sound like an oxymoron, but bear with us… If you live somewhere particularly humid then groutless tiles could trap all that steam in when you shower, which means no one will want your house in a few years. This beautiful black and white porcelain tile from Australian tile store Tile Outlet  combines the two things you need for a practical finish: style and functionality.

08      Wood & Stone Tiles

Italian tile store Les Antiquites Maison  has some of the most stunning tiles on this list, but we've picked out these faux wood effect tiles because their natural look with stone-style veining is perfect if you want to have a solid floor with real substance that's also easy to clean. That doesn't mean it can't be stylish too though – just look at how great they look! They're available in 13 different colours.

09      Pavers

If you feel like you don't have enough room for tiles in your living room, then using something a little more versatile like these beautiful grey porcelain pavers  is the answer. They're just as resistant to damage and easy to clean as regular tiles, but because they come in large planks they can help create that illusion of space too. You could even use them outside, or anywhere that's not waterlogged so it will work well on top of patios too.

10      Herringbone Pavers

These cork effect herringbone pavers  combine the beauty of wood with the effortless durability of porcelain. We love how each tile has different shades on either side, which ensures its visual impact will last for years to come. Perfect for creating a statement entrance or pathway, they're also available in two sizes – 200x400mm and 400x400mm.

11      White Hexagon Tiles

Lastly we have these beautiful white hexagonal tiles from French tile store Les Trois Rivieres . They look so clean and crisp that you'd be forgiven for thinking they were made of solid marble rather than porcelain, but what makes them even better is their price tag: because the tiles are thicker, it makes each one slightly cheaper. That means you can get a modern look while still staying on budget! These hexagon tiles come in four different colours including this snow-white option.



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