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Like dresses and other fashion trends, Sunglasses have also seen many changes. The sunglasses that were first became hit were round sunglasses that heft their charm for the longest. Soon after, cat-eye sunglasses came in, and ray bans and Aviators were introduced. Let's have a look at the different sunglasses trends that became popular in different eras.

1. Sunglasses trends in 1929

Sunglasses became popular in the late 1920s when Sam Foster started to sell the protective shades. Though it took a long time for the particular sunglasses to get famous amongst the mass, many Hollywood stars used sunglasses. They started wearing sunglasses with round frames. Those frames were classy and stylish too. Also, they were quite hit at that time.

2. Sunglasses Trends in 1930

In the 1930's the trend of round sunglasses continued and became more popular amongst the mass. People in this era loved round sunglasses and added them to their wardrobes. The trend continued for the years to come. This trend has recently come back. If you want to look stylish like your favorite classic actors, you must invest in round sunglasses. Online stores like Lenskart has a wide range of sunglasses, you can get them at the best price by using the Lenscart discount code on your online shopping.

3. Sunglasses Trends in the 1940s

Round sunglasses enjoyed popularity for the longest in the 40's practical aviator were discovered by pilots. However, they were reserved for the pilots only. Locals did not have access to them until the '60s and '70s. On the other hand, trendsetters followed different ways and trends to get the round sunglasses back in the trend.

4. Sunglasses Trends in the 1950s

The 1950s was the actual era when there was a significant shift in the sunglasses trends. The major change was on the cat-eye sunglasses. Yes, you read that, right! The trend came in the early '50s and is part of the modern sunglasses trends as well. Soon the cat-eye became famous, and after the war, the trend was copied by the locals as well. It became one of the iconic styles and Hollywood celebrities like Audrey Hepburn.

5. Sunglasses Trends in the 1960s

In the beginning, the era struggled as there were no sunglasses trends that could bring a revival in the fashion industry. Gradually, with the change in fashion and style, the era saw a shift in sunglasses' fashion trends. While there was no particular change in the style, the only change came in the form of colors. The gone era was more about blacks; however, the 1960s were more about trendy colors like bright neons. Soon there was also a change in the shape of the frames; people started preferring square shapes.

6. Sunglasses Trends in the 1970s

By the '70s, sunglasses were commonly worn on the streets. They were no more restricted to celebrities. With the change in time, people were impressed with frames that have enormous frames. It soon became popular. Simultaneously, softer shapes also came in the fashion trend along with the pastel tints. It gave a relaxed vibe. People matched their sunglasses with bell-bottom jeans. Both were trendsetters in the varied year.

7. Sunglasses Trends in the 1980s

The following era-80’s was more about colors and bold shapes. Sunglasses in dark colors soon became trendsetters. In parallel, sharper shapes were getting massive popularity as they accentuated the looks and gave a glossy look that many wanted. This was the era that saw the emergence of Ray-Ban. In this era, many fashionable brands came in to sell sunglasses in wide ranges. Leading stars like Tom Cruise and others made the trend even more popular.

9. Sunglasses Trends in the 1990s

Giant sunglasses ruled for the longest; after decades of leading the fashion trend, they were replaced by tiny sunglasses that changed the fashion scene across the globe. Though those types of sunglasses were not practical as they did nothing, however, they were high on fashion. Though the frames' colors were restricted to dark and celebrities like Brad Pitt made it famous amongst the locals. However, dark frames did not rule the fashion industry for long and hinted frames mad come back with neon colors.

10. Sunglasses Trends in the 2000s

This year brought a revolution in the fashion industry as there were significant changes. Fashion trends like crop tops and low jeans poured in and soon become a hit amongst celebrities and the locals. This year was a substantial change for sunglasses, as well. Besides neon colors, they were available in all colors, including whites. This was the same era that gave rise to designer sunglasses. Sunglasses were now staples.

11. Sunglasses Trends in 2010

While there was no significant change in the sunglasses trend this year, the year says come back to prevalent trends in the bygone days. Cat eyes, round frames, and many more saw a huge come back. Talking about the colors, frames were available in an array of colors, including dark and light shades.


Sunglasses have come a long way. They were first introduced in the year 1929; back then, round frames were quite hit. The following years were replaced by other trends that included cat-eye, square frames, and many others. The best part all the trends that have been part of the yesteryears have brought back.


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