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 Clear Aligners Are Not For Everyone:

Aligners can treat mild to moderate and a few severe cases. Before assuming clear aligner as your treatment option, you must consult an orthodontist who can judge your case better and tell you whether you qualify for aligner treatment or not.

No Age Limit:

Teens and adults are preferring Clear aligners over other available treatment options. We have also seen results in patients from the 50-60 age group who have been using Clear aligners. 

You Have To Take Them Out Before You Eat:

Because the suggested wear time is 22 hours/day, it leaves only two hours to play with, you will want to eat during the time in which the aligners are out of your mouth. Make sure that you do not eat with them in! 

Treatment Will Likely Take Longer Than Expected:


Orthodontists recommend wearing each aligner for 14 days to allow them to work properly. This duration has come from different studies and research. Aligners can gradually move your teeth within 2-3 days but to remain in the new position you need to wear them for next 10-11 days and then switch to a new set of aligners. Always switch to new aligners before bedtime.

You Should Wear Aligners for 20-22 hours/day!

Teeth only move when forces are applied consistently. For that reason, you must be disciplined in wearing your aligners 22 hours per day. Otherwise, you will extend treatment and force compromises in the result. 

Additional Attachments Are Sometimes Necessary:

Many patients think aligners are the only equipment they will need for the process. Some often require multiple small attachments or ridges to keep aligners in place.

Your Aligners Can Stain:

Clear aligners are virtually undetectable, but the small ridges or attachments that hold them in place are prone to staining. This is especially true when drinking coffee or wine, so be sure to brush afterward/ remove them before drinking colored beverages.

Your Toothbrush Is Your Best Friend:

Keep in mind that it is recommended that you brush your teeth every time you have something to eat before putting your aligners back in.

It will help keep plaque buildup at bay. This will also minimise the risk of staining.

Hot Beverages:

Although you can leave Clear Aligners in to drink liquids, be aware that extra hot beverages like tea and coffee can warp aligners. Stick to cold water or clear, sparkling water to prevent damage.

Cost & Treatment Duration May Vary from Case To Case:

The cost of Clear aligners is slightly more than that of metal braces but the ultimate result is the same i.e. to straighten teeth. The overall cost and treatment duration is completely dependent on the severity of each type of case and patient cooperativeness to follow treatment plan.

Embrace The Refinement Process:

After you are done with your initial set of aligners, expect to wear post-treatment refinement aligners(retainers) to correct stubborn teeth and guarantee a fantastic result.




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