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13 Amazing Cricut Tips to Unleash Your Creativity

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Creating something new with an electric cutting machine is one of the coolest things any crafter can do. However, the work becomes more accessible once the craftsman becomes familiar with prominent Cricut tips. Those ticks and trips guide them in carrying out custom projects as per their expectation. You will find those hacks quite worthwhile working practically on Cricut.

There always comes the point when a fresher or an expert takes the help of tricks to finalize their work before the deadline and save their reputation. You must refer to the following tricks to save yourself from serious issues.

Tip 1: Improve Cricut Blades

To keep the provided blade edges clean and sharp, tear off the 12” aluminum foil and make a tight ball out of it. After making the perfect ball, expose the blade by pushing down its plunger.

Gently hold the circled aluminum foil and start poking the ball at least 40-50 times, covering all the areas of the blade. Once the poking process ends, you’ll notice that all the small uninvited materials will be gone, improving the blade’s quality and sharpness.

Tip 2: Mat Cleaning Process

Removing the material from the mat after cutting can be the most challenging job. However, to simplify the process, you just need to flip over the mat facing it downward on the work surface. With a soft hand, bend over the mat and take away the material stuck on the solid adhesive.

Tip 3: Removing Material from Mat

Sometimes, a small number of materials should be included on the mat. The process can easily take place using the Scraper tool to delete irrelevant material. The user will decide whether to use a regular-size or extra-large scraper to complete the job faster.

Tip 4: Cleaning Mat With Baby Wipes

Various mediums are used to clean the Cricut mat. One of the most typical methods is cleaning it off via Baby Wipes. Open the packet cover and take off the wipe from the box. Roll over the wipe on the whole mat and allow it to dry for at least 10 minutes. Not only will it clean the mat, but it will also help in retaining its stickiness.

Tip 5: Keep Cricut Tools Nearby

Another Cricut tip that the crafter can use is putting up all the tools nearby inside the accessory pouch. Ensure that the pouch is inserted inside the compartment of your cupboard. By using the pouch, the accessories will be kept protected without any damage.

Tip 6: Store Cricut Pen

Ensure you keep the Cricut pen tip downwards, meaning the ink will always be ready for future reference. This will solve the issue of the ink getting soaked up and not working while creating any new craft.

Tip 7: Use Cornstarch to Cut Lines

It’s difficult to observe the cut lines with the naked eye on vinyl while weeding them. To make the lines properly visible, sprinkle some cornstarch and brush it off with a makeup brush. It’ll directly go right to the cut lines, making them visible to weed faster.

Tip 8: Keep Vinyl in Place

Another Cricut tip the user must prefer while using the machine is keeping the Vinyl in the correct place while weeding. Placing the vinyl in the correct place will let the electric cutting machine complete its work faster and quicker.

Tip 9: Keep Cricut Clean

Due to continuous use of the Cricut, little bits of paper or debris get stuck inside the machine. However, cleaning the machine from top to bottom with a can of compressed air will make the work easier for the user.

Tip 10: Keep Mat Reachable

In case you are using Cricut regularly and love to create different kinds of crafts, then keep the mats within reach and easy to go. You can also use a picture hook or Command strip hook (the metal type) near Cricut to hand the mats.

Tip 11: Waste Fewer Materials

Ensure that you use fewer materials during the test cut, especially when it comes to the last piece of cardstock/vinyl. Before commencing the final process, don’t waste the material too much. Under any circumstances, if the material gets over, it will be a difficult task while crafting any project for future reference.

Tip 12: Keep FabricGrip Mat Clean

The FabricGrip mat easily gets dirty, especially during the cutting process. However, the cleaner for the FabricGrip mat easily gets visible on Cricut’s official website. You need to keep the mat for at least 10-15 minutes after spraying the cleaner on the mat.

Tip 13: Charge Your Device

It doesn’t matter which Cricut you own as a crafting machine, but ensure that you keep your respective devices (PCs & Smartphones) ultimately charged during the whole process. It will be difficult to complete the process if the device gets turned off during the design transfer from Design Space to the machine.

Apart from these tips, an individual can use the following Cricut tips to maintain their machine. The tricks include: accessing all material settings for better cutting, using a lint roller to clean the debris, wiping down surfaces with Alcohol before applying Vinyl, etc.


To sum up, these 13 amazing Cricut tips are your gateway to unlocking endless creativity. By incorporating these pro techniques into your DIY projects, you can enhance your skills and achieve great results. From customizing designs to mastering materials, these tips cover the essential factors that will help you make the most out of the Cricut machine. Take these valuable insights and let your creativity shine through in every craft project. Get ready to take your skills to the next level and enjoy a world of endless possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What Are the Basic Tips for Handling the Cricut Machine?

Answer: First, you need to Cricut setup with your PC & Smartphone via Bluetooth/USB Cable. Ensure that both machine and the device are switched on and easily connected. Also, install Design Space on your systems to start the design process.

Question: How Can I Do Vinyl on Curved Surfaces?

Answer: You need to cut down the slits around the transfer tape at the edges of the project to give some wiggle room while placing the vinyl on a curved surface. While placing the vinyl, ensure that you place the material at the place to ignore getting it damaged during the process.

Visit: Cricut.com/setup
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Cricut setup

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