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1,3-Dimethyl-2-Chloro Propanediol

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Shobha Life lores is one of the biggest manufacturers of 1,3- dimethyl-2-chloro propanediol for a wide range of medical operations in the health assiduity. 


 Although we're new to the business, we formerly have a strong base in the assiduity with a wide portfolio of high- quality medicines for every possible demand. We specialise inpre-clinical trials similar as stability studies, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, toxicological, and efficacity studies. What makes us stand out is our inexhaustible trouble to ameliorate the quality of all our undertakings and cleave to the strictest quality regulations. We've integrated our R&D enterprise along with the organisational pretensions and established a long list of do’s and do n’ts to insure our product lines are solid. Our thing is simple; concentrate on invention and keeping it simple. 

As a famed,3- dimethyl-2-chloro propanediol manufacturer, we aim not only to meet our guests ’ demands but also to come a encyclopedically recognised pharmaceutical company that provides exploration- backed health results at an affordable price for all who need it the most



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