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It is scripted in the Puranas that Rudraksha beads are the divine which the Hindu Gods wear. The heavenly beads have immense power to change the wearer's life by acting to align your inner self with the higher consciousness. According to Shiva Purana, we all are blessed with 1 Mukhi Rudraksha to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads. Each Mukhi can align the abundant energy to gain good health, bring prosperity, grab the opportunities, enhance the ability, and so forth. However, we are here to discuss precisely 14 Mukhi Rudraksha.


Among all rudraksha beads, the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is regarded as the most powerful and most vital. It possesses a wide range of abilities and healing effects. Because the most powerful lord and planets control it, this Rudraksha is considered strong.

As you may be aware, each Rudraksha has unique powers, and this is a 14 Mukhi rudraksha, which means it has fourteen faces. Lord Hanuman is the presiding god of this Rudraksha, while Mars and Saturn are the ruling planets. It counteracts the harmful impacts of the planets Mars and Saturn. The power of Lord Hanuman is bestowed onto the wearer of fourteen Mukhi rudraksha. It has several advantages, like giving the wearer power, removing negativity, acting as a shield, and many others.

The Benefits Of Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha Are As Follows:

● Make You Energetic: The wearer of a fourteen Mukhi rudraksha gains strength. It boosts confidence, calms the mind, removes fear and gives the person more power.
● It Helps To Keep Troubles Away: This Rudraksha protects the user against all types of troubles, but it is especially effective against problems related to sadhna. It keeps the issues that arise in sadhna at bay.
● Boost Your Mental Health: It keeps the wearer's mind steady and keeps despair, worry, tension, and stress at bay. It brings enjoyment into one's life and maintains one's optimistic thinking.
● Helps In Keeping The Negative Energy Away: Negative energies are repelled by the fourteen Mukhi rudraksha. It is beneficial for resolving situations with black magic or other bad energies.
● Enhance The Good Health Of the Wearer: The fourteen Mukhi rudraksha has several health advantages, including the ability to treat TB, digestive disorders, and bone or muscular problems.

Instructions To Safely Use Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha

● Do not consume alcohol
● The wearer can not eat non-veg food
● Any kind of intoxication is utterly prohibited for the 14 Mukhi rudraksha wearers.
● Remove the Rudraksha before going to bed.
● To wear it again in the morning, make sure you worship it.
● Avoid touching the pious beads frequently.
● Do not let anyone touch it.
● Never share your Rudraksha Mala
● Ensure to keep it clean all the time
● You should never go for chemicals soaps to clean it and use cow's milk to wash it instead
● Daily offer prayer and do worship to your rudraksha beads
● Never go to the funeral activities wearing the rudraksha mala or remove it before attending such activities.
● Also, you need to ensure not to wear Rudraksha beads at the child's birthplace.

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