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Spending a lot of money on highlights and dyes is not advisable. This color will fade within a few weeks. But that color does not have to disappear too fast. These 15 hair care tips will help you maintain that fabulous appearance. Hair Colorist Palm Desert-New

1. Avoid hot showers

It's time to lower the temperature. Showering in hot water can cause dry, rough skin and also ruin your color. The hot water will open the cuticle and wash the color away. Rinse your hair and shampoo with water at room temperature. To seal the cuticle, dry with a towel and condition your hair. Rinse it off using cold water. This will keep your hair looking good, moisturized and prevent split ends.

2. Wash your clothes less frequently

If you shampoo your hair daily, it will wash away the color of your hair and your natural oils. Dry shampoo will absorb grease and sweat, while adding volume.

3. Use a shampoo without sulfates on hair that has been colored.

Use gentle shampoos that are sulfate free to keep your streaks looking great for longer. Salts in sulfates strip hair of moisture and color. The main cause of hair color loss is moisture loss.

4. Shower filter

Hard water is very effective at removing dyes and oils. Mineral sediments are removed from water by filters. They can cause brunette hair to turn brassy or fade your red color. Filters can remove heavy metals, soap residues, and other contaminants that affect your hair's color.

5. Deep conditioners are great for colored hair

Deep conditioning is essential for color-treated hair. Use a colored hair conditioner that has been specially formulated. Deep conditioning nourishes and moisturizes hair to make it soft, shiny and healthy. Color-preserving conditioners are a great way to prevent hair color from fading. Apply conditioner for colored hair at the roots of the hair.

6. Deep Conditioners: Take it slow

The color of the hair is washed away when you rinse a conditioner. To prevent your hair from fading, opt for weekly deep conditioning. To get the full benefit, let your deep conditioner rest for 10 minutes on your hair. Wearing a showercap to increase heat will allow the conditioner to better penetrate. Hair that requires deep conditioning may also benefit from protein deep conditioning.

7. Jojoba oil is similar to the natural oil produced by hair. Use jojoba oils in your shampoo or on dry hair. This oil moisturizes both wet and dry hair, preserving the color.

8. Reduce the use of heat tools

The heat can be harsh on the hair colour. Blowing dry, flat irons, hair dryers and hot tools can damage your color.

9. Thermoprotectants are a good choice

Use a thermal protector when heat styling hair to prevent hair damage, color fade, or breakage. Thermal protectors protect your hair from drying effects of styling tools.

10. The sun can damage your skin

Your hair colour can be damaged by UV radiation. Choose conditioners with UV protection. Hair sunscreen protects your hair and smoothes it without making them greasy. If you are spending a lot time outdoors, wear a hat.

11. Add a topcoat

A glossing treatment is highly recommended to maintain the color and increase shine. Top coats add shine and help to lock in color for an amazing look that lasts. It neutralizes brassiness and seals the cuticles.

12. Prep your hair

Preparation is key before you color. Use deep conditioners, such as chelating shampoos or masks. They will help lock the color molecules for longer.

13. Swim smarter

Protect your hair against the bleaching effect of chlorine. To keep the color of your hair intact, use hair protection with SPF while swimming. Before swimming, spray a conditioner that stays in your hair to hydrate. Wet your hair with fresh water before you go swimming. This will help it absorb less pool water or oceanwater.

14. Choose quality conditioners

Hair dyes and highlights that last a long while are the best. Natural oils in hair colors help to retain moisture, making your treatment look healthy and shiny. Use ammonia free hair color.

15. Balance your diet

Hair growth and shine are fueled by a healthy diet. Consume a balanced diet to maintain your hair color for longer. Diets rich in iron build healthy Keratin proteins. These improve hair texture and stimulate growth. Vitamins help to keep hair color-treated healthy and shiny.



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