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Affordable 16-Seater Cabins for your Team!

Does your team consist of 12-16 members for which you need an affordable office space? Does the whole idea of taking up a stand-alone office space seem unaffordable to you? Are you looking for an affordable office space in the heart of the city? Well, we’ve got news for you.

Our 16-seater office cabin fits perfectly for your requirements and your team. Apart from being affordable and professional-looking, it gives you the opportunity to grow. Reason being- when you’re part of a workspace that hosts other teams and professionals, you get the opportunity to interact with a lot more individuals whom you can collaborate with, pitch an idea to or take things forward in many other professional ways. Not only does this give you an opportunity to grow, but it can also help your team to do better.

Socializing and interacting with other professionals is what today’s working class prefers. Getting to know new people, their various professional backgrounds, their different cultures and more is an integral part of people’s lives. Majority individuals these days are extroverts and believe in having a social life alongside their work life. It is however difficult to do so with most people having to work round the clock, which makes it difficult to balance both aspects.

A private office suite that’s part of a co working space can solve that problem. Team members can take breaks as and when they require one and scout around all the while getting a chance to make new friends and meet new people from different teams. This makes it easy and possible for them to maintain a good work and social life together.

Since we are located in the heart of the city, it makes it convenient for people to commute via public transport. It also makes it possible for them to “chill” at a café or a bar (depending on what they prefer) after their work hours. They can easily catch up with friends and family for dinner and drinks and make life a little more pleasant than it otherwise would be.

Also, there are other facilities around such as hospitals, shopping arcades and more to cater to various other needs. One can always choose to go on a little shopping spree mid-week if they wish to, to blow off steam, and money!

An office space located in an alienated part of the city would make it difficult for employees to enjoy and cherish the other aspects of their life other than their work.

The Best Part about Opting for Our 16-Seater Workspaces

The best and most important part of choosing to opt for a cabin solely for your team, is that everyone can communicate well amongst each other and coordinate tasks accordingly. Also, confidential information regarding plans of the start-up, marketing strategies, tasks and more can be spoken about without worrying about someone overhearing the same.

One doesn’t have to run around from one workstation to another or one cabin to another in order to communicate about important tasks assigned by their superior. Also, brainstorming sessions can be held without having to jump from one place to the other just to get everyone to assemble at one particular place.

You can also hold meetings in your cabin with potential clients if you wish to do so.

Coming to the social-life of your employees, they can all eat together, take a break together, laugh together and basically implement the idea of a “workstation” at their workplace itself, something that most working individuals desire these days.

What’s more? You don’t have to worry about maintaining it since we do that part for you- now, isn’t this the best deal you can get for your start-up/ team?


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