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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted racial, economic, and geographic restrictions that can hinder access to medical treatment. A rapid shift to telehealth can improve the availability, accessibility, and affordability of medical facilities, especially in rural areas and hard-to-reach communities.

Telemedicine solutions have been extremely helpful to empower viable healthcare and clinics without going to primary care centers in another area. With live video conferencing, telemedicine software, and diagnostic tools, a practitioner can monitor a patient’s vital signs from a distance.

Sojro Telemedicine Kits – Introducing Remote Healthcare

Sojro telemedicine kits can be your go-to solution for telehealth services. They contain multiple devices that can be used in areas with limited infrastructure and connectivity. It allows frontline workers to capture, store, and transmit patient data and images in diagnostic quality and connect specialists via live video consultation.

All devices are integrated with telemedicine software, MDConsults Global ® to allow smooth data transfer and effective power management. These are intended for home care, primary health, hospitals, ambulances, disasters, and military situations.

Sojro Home Plus Telemedicine Kit – Specifications

Bring healthcare diagnostics to your place with Sojro Home Telemedicine Kit. It includes all devices to monitor a variety of chronic conditions.

• Allows quick and effective consultation that is easy to store
• Connect with multiple networks and experience a smooth interaction
• Easy to operate and respond to critical medical situations
• Transfer, store, and forward data seamlessly

Importance of Stethoscope in the Medical Sector

Two hundred years ago, the stethoscope was invented by Laennec. Despite the advent of X-rays, CT scans, ECG, and more instruments, the stethoscope plays a significant role in the representation of healthcare providers and is a major utility in clinical diagnosis.

The stethoscope is an essential instrument for doctors or anyone practicing in the field. Nurses can use it to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. It allows practitioners to listen to internal organs like lungs, heart, and bowel sounds.

Thanks to technological advancements, digital stethoscopes have been introduced with noise cancellation features and superior acoustic performance to amplify sound for clear listening. These sounds can be further processed and transmitted to a PC or laptop for future study and examination.

eSteth Stethoscope – Improve Medical Care and Better Diagnose Patients

eSteth Stethoscope brings the quality you need for accurate diagnosis. It comes in a comprehensive range, ergonomic design, and high-quality sounds to let practitioners listen to patients’ internal body sounds.

eSteth Lite Digital Stethoscope aids physicians and nurses in getting better heart and lung sounds. It is a wise investment for live and store-and-forward telemedicine.


• Sound amplification – The chest piece amplify sound up to 100 times so you can hear high to low frequencies better, making acoustic performance much clear.
• Easy sound recording – You can record and store sounds to share them with other specialists in critical medical situations.
• Sound transfer – Transfer sounds to a remote site during teleconsultation to benefit both providers and patients.


Telemedicine kits, point-of-care devices, and stethoscopes play a crucial role in the medical sector for precise assessment and treatment. Technology gave the potential to improve the quality of healthcare so needy people can be treated remotely, irrespective of location, infrastructure, and connectivity limitations.

All these digital diagnostic kits can record data and transfer it to telemedicine applications for storage in real-time. These devices are easy to carry out anywhere, battery-operated, and can function independently. They are remote healthcare devices that give precise and accurate readings and lightweight and durable enough to last a lifetime.

All these devices are certified according to international standards in terms of design, margin of error, accuracy, and evaluation-based diagnosis.


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