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“2018 Top Ten Chinese Hob Brands General Evaluation List” Glory Announced

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Original Title: “2018 Top Ten Brands of Chinese Hob” Honorably Announced “Top Ten Brands of Chinese Hob in 2018” is the most extensive and largest comprehensive brand strength ranking activity sponsored by Brand Ranking Network. This selection, collecting tens of thousands of netizens to vote and comment, after several rounds of review, selected the top ten brands with outstanding quality and the most popular in the industry. Brand Ranking Network is committed to promoting the branding of Chinese consumption patterns and building a good consumption environment. Since its inception, the event has received a warm response, attracting not only nearly half of the domestic brands and distributors, but also more than 70 well-known online media, such as Sina, Netease, Xinhua, China and Sohu, to share the brand feast. The reports of major media provide opportunities for domestic excellent brands to gather popularity and improve brand awareness and influence. The outstanding enterprises and brands on the list of “Top Ten Chinese Hob Brands in 2018” are as follows: No.1: Harbin No.1 Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Harbin No.1) Harbin First Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale backbone enterprise of China's key equipment industry, one of the 16 key equipment industry enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, and the largest production and research base of precision complex tools and CNC tools in China. As the earliest enterprise in China's tool industry, Harbin Yigong has always mastered the core technology of China's precision and complex cutting tools in the course of 60 years of development, and has been leading the development direction of China's cutting tool manufacturing industry, representing the highest level of China's tool manufacturing industry. The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, sale and service of all kinds of cutting tools needed by automobile, aerospace, energy, machine tool and major equipment manufacturing, military industry and other industries. The leading products include gear cutters, broaching cutters, indexable milling cutters, threading cutters, milling cutters, drilling cutters, turning cutters, sawing cutters and woodworking cutters in 9 categories, more than 200 varieties and more than 20000 specifications, with an annual output of more than 15 million pieces. Among them, the production capacity of precision and complex cutting tools is in the forefront of the same industry, and the technical level is in the leading position in the same industry in China. The company has a marketing network covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and a sound after-sales service system. The products are exported to many countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Expand the full text The company has domestic leading technology and product research and development capabilities, a number of scientific and technological achievements have been awarded national, provincial, municipal and other outstanding new product titles, as well as provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards, scientific and technological achievements have obtained 31 patents. At the same time, it has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. For a long time, the company has always been market-oriented, constantly promoting the rapid development of enterprise science and technology, and has developed high-speed and high-efficiency gear hobs and heavy-duty spline broaches for the automotive industry for key industries in the country, as well as mortise broaches for aircraft engines and steam turbines; High-end tools urgently needed by many manufacturing industries, such as indexable gear milling cutters for wind power industry, have achieved the goal of replacing imports. No.2: Suzhou Xinrui Alloy Tools Co., Ltd. (Xinrui) Suzhou Xinrui Alloy Tools Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Suzhou Industrial Park on August 25, 2005. It is an international manufacturing service provider focusing on cemented carbide products, mining drilling tools and mining services, integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. It was wholly changed and established by Suzhou Xinrui Engineering Tools Co., Ltd. in 2012; The company has many branches and subsidiaries, such as Engineering Tools Division, Cemented Carbide Division, Profile Division, Wuhan Xinrui Alloy Tools Co., Ltd., Suzhou Simaike Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. The company has passed API and ISO9000 quality system and product certification, and has passed the certification of “Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center” and “Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise”. The company officially landed on the new third board in December 2015 and entered the innovation layer in the first batch. The company has a wide range of products, complete varieties and rich brands. Its technical level of oil and mining cemented carbide column teeth and cemented carbide substrates is in the advanced position in the world. With good performance and stability, it is widely used in oil and mining drill bits, anvil drill bits, down-the-hole drill bits, shield cutters and other products. Its products have excellent material selection, advanced technology and high reliability, and enjoy a good reputation in the domestic and international markets. Adhering to the corporate purpose of “co-creation and achievement sharing”, Suzhou Xinrui Alloy Tools Co., Ltd. will adhere to technological innovation as an inexhaustible driving force, product innovation as a competitive advantage, and strive to create value-added for customers, create opportu nities for employees, contribute to society, and achieve sustained and rapid development. Strive to grow into an international manufacturing service provider in the field of cemented carbide and rock drilling tools. Third place: Zhejiang Shangyou Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. (Ye's Brand) Zhejiang Shangyou Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise specializing in the production of high-precision complex gear cutting tools in Zhejiang at present, which is located in No.3 section of Wenling Industrial City, opposite to Wenxi Cutting Tools Trade Center, and was founded in August 2004. It is famous for R & D,dth hammer bit, production and sales of high-efficiency hob, re-cutting hob, insert hob, gear shaper cutter and gear shaving cutter series. The company has the perfect ability to design, develop, test and manufacture products, and its technology and product quality are in the leading position in the industry. It is the leading model in China's gear hobbing tool industry. The company has taken the lead in establishing ISO9001 quality management system in the same industry, and has passed ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, measurement management system certification, enterprise standardization management system certification and cleaner production audit certification. The company has all kinds of excellent professional production equipment: German SMS company 6-axis CNC hob shovel grinder, high-precision 3-axis CNC grinding wheel correction machine; the United States Sunon internal honing machine; Taiwan CNC 5-axis linkage edge grinder; the national leading pillow table face grinder; German NILES high-precision gear shaper cutter grinding machine; CNC slotting grinder; German KLINGENBERG P26, P65 gear testing equipment. Product processing and testing are carried out in a constant temperature environment to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality. The company can provide high-precision, high-tech, high-performance non-standard complex tools for automotive, wind power, mining, heavy machinery, machine tools, ships, locomotives and other industries. The heat treatment process adopts German advanced temperature and time automatic control system, which is operated and guided by domestic famous heat treatment experts. The company will participate in international brand competition with “high starting point requirements, high-level introduction and high-efficiency management”. Adhering to the tenet of “quality first, customer first, service first”, Shangyou people will adhere to the business philosophy of “brand co-creation, benefit sharing” and work hand in hand with new and old customers to create a better tomorrow! No.4 Wenling Jincheng Tools Co., Ltd. (Jincheng) Wenling Jincheng Tools Co., Ltd. began to produce broaching and cutting tools, hobbing tools,dhd drill bit, gear shaping tools, shaving tools and various non-standard tools in 2002. The company produces the technical personnel technical force to be abundant, the company has invited the domestic gear tool profession senior engineer to make the leadership design, has the gear examination equipment and each kind of import numerical control hob relief grinding machine tool several, excels in each kind of non-standard cutting tool specially the customization, its operation zero liveliness, the manufacture usability, The preferential price and high efficiency of products are incomparable to many large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises. Variety of cutting tools: complete standard products; National standard, Ministry standard, enterprise standard, turbine hob, ratchet hob, grinding hob with large and small diameters, pre-shaving hob with large and small diameters, chamfering hob with small and large diameters, pre-grinding hob, involute hobs, sprocket hobs, British DP/double pitch diameter/double modulus, synchronous pulley hobs, arc hobs, insert hobs, recut hobs and keyway broaches. Gear shaper cutter with synchronous pulley, chain wheel, taper shank, involute bowl-type and disk-type; gear shaving cutter, with modification of old cutter, high quality and hardness. The company in line with “the quality first, the user is supreme, the good faith management” the objective, unceasingly diligently and enterprising, establishes own brand image by the better product quality and the post-sale service. In the market segmentation, the company positioned its products in the middle and high end, and continuously developed new products with the support of a large number of customers. On the other hand, in response to market demand, the company's unique customization service won the unanimous praise of customers. No.5: Zhejiang Jinyi Gear Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. (Shunfeng) Zhejiang Jinyi Gear Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial park of Zhejiang Jinhua Development Zone. The predecessor of the company is Jinhua Shunfeng Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1997. In 2003, Jinhua Shunfeng Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established Zhejiang Jinyi Gear Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with foreign partners. The total investment of the company is 49.6 million yuan, the existing land is 22.79 mu, the total building area of the factory building is 25300 m2, and the first phase has been completed 13000 m2. The company has more than 100 sets of processing equipment and testing instruments, such as domestic CNC hob grinding, CNC spline grinding, German projector, universal tool microscope, etc. In 2009, Klingelnberg P26C automatic CNC hob measuring instrument, German six-axis CNC high-efficiency and high-precision hob relief grinder US500-CNC-HW, CNC high-efficiency back lathe HDM and PR400 CNC grinding wheel dressing machine were introduced. Through continuous technical transformation, we have the ability to produce high-precision gear hobs, broaches, gear shapers and other standard and non-standard gear cutters. At the same time, rock drilling tools ,down the hole bit, the production of shaving cutters is also under preparation. We have increased the variety of cutting tools, pursued technological progress, provided high-quality products and after-sales services for automobile, auto parts, machinery and other industries, and strived to make users feel the perfect unity of quality, speed and efficiency. No.6 Shandong Tianyou Tunnel Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (Tianyou) Established in 2008, Shandong Tianyou Tunnel Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Liaocheng, a beautiful water city in the north of the Yangtze River. The company has an independent R & D team and a professional pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system to provide customers with quality services. The company specializes in the production and sale of shield cutters, shield tail brushes, shield tail grease, main bearing sealing grease, foam lubricants, rock drilling machinery accessories, mining picks, mining machinery, hard rock roadheaders and other products for shield machines, and cooperates with many construction units, and the products are sold all over the country. The company adopts a modern management system, implements total quality management, adheres to the quality tenet of “synchronizing with the potential needs of customers”, adheres to the business philosophy of “all for the sake of customers, all for the market”, and reflects its strength through product satisfaction and after-sales feedback. The company has won the certificates issued by the state and Shandong Province, the certificate of national authoritative testing products, the feedback of customer satisfaction with product quality and after-sales service shows the strength of our company. Our company has introduced modern enterprise management mechanism in an all-round way and implemented total quality management. It has taken the lead in passing the double certification of IS09001 international quality management system and IS014001 international environmental management system in the same industry in China, and has always adhered to the quality tenet of “synchronizing with the potential needs of customers”. The company product performance is outstanding, the product quality first-class, the high quality service, the prompt goods supply, the prestige first objective is a body, all take customer's benefit as the leadership, persisted “all considers for the customer, all serves for the market” as the first essential factor to manage, the company is willing wholeheartedly to advance together hand in hand with the user communities, altogether seeks development. No.7 Zhuzhou Diamond Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. (Zhuzhou Hard) Zhuzhou Diamond Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd., which was established in May 2009 with a registered capital of 55 million yuan. It is a subsidiary of China Minmetals, a central enterprise. Relying on the technical advantages and brand advantages of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group in the field of cemented carbide, the company is committed to promoting the extension of cemented carbide products to deep processing and supporting tools. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and operation of shield cutters, mining drilling tools and engineering drilling tools. The Company's “Shield Tool Industrialization Technology Research Project”, “Technical Transformation Project of Mining Drilling Tools” and “Shield Tool Integrated Manufacturing Technology and Its Industrialization Upgrading Project” have been listed in the “12th Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Plan”, “12th Five-Year National Strategic Emerging Industry Project” and “National Key Industry Transformation and Upgrading and Development Fund Plan Project” respectively, and have been supported by the national special funds. At present. The first phase of the project has a total investment of 71 million yuan and a construction area of more than 5300 square meters. The company has several sets of five-axis turn-milling composite machining centers, five-axis vertical (horizontal) machining centers, intelligent welding robots, and has introduced a complete set of multi-atmosphere protection heat treatment furnace and vacuum heat treatment furnace with international advanced level. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 10,000 shield cutters and 1 million mining drilling tools. The company has formed a series of products, mainly shield tools, including mining drilling tools, engineering drilling tools and so on. Product sales network has been radiating the whole country, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa and other countries and regions, deeply loved and praised by users. At present, the company has registered trademarks such as “Diamond Brand”, “Drilling” and “ZCC. DT” “. Deep in the earth is a colorful world of wealth and treasure. The company is willing to provide a strong guarantee for you to explore this colorful world. We will strive to achieve a win-win situation for all partners through meticulous management and excellent drilling tool products. No.8 Maanshan Lingshan Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (Lingshan) Maanshan Lingshan Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of special cutting tools for shield machines. Founded in 2011, the company is located in Huashan Industrial Park, Maanshan City, a national civilized garden city with beautiful scenery. The company has a registered capital of 10 million yuan and total assets of nearly 31 million yuan, including fixed assets of 12 million yuan. It has nearly 100 employees, including more than half of technical and service professionals and 37 people with college or higher education; The headquarters of the company has 30 mu of industrial land, 16000 square meters of production plant, 4500 square meters of office and living facilities, more than 80 sets of high, precise and advanced CNC processing equipment, complete heat treatment, welding and high-precision testing equipment. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the cutting-edge technology-oriented, the whole process of product quality control has passed the ISO9001 system certification, and has worked closely with relevant domestic professional colleges, research institutes and other institutions to lead and participate in the research and application of relevant cutting-edge technology topics. At present, the company has successfully developed a complete set of cutting tool products and more than 60 models of related accessories for domestic and foreign shield equipment and TBMs such as “Herrenknecht”, “Mitsubishi”, “Wirth”, “Komatsu” and “Robbins”. Through market verification, the performance of our products has fully reached the performance of imported products. The company's products have been widely used in subway, railway, highway, mining, electric power, water conservancy, municipal and other engineering fields. At present, it has provided high-quality products and services for many large and medium-sized well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and has received unanimous praise. Adhering to the business philosophy of “Honesty, Management, People-oriented, Harmony and Win-win”, the company sincerely welcomes people with lofty ideals from all walks of life to join, cooperate and guide! Grow and develop together, and work together to create brilliance for China's shield technology! No.9 Shanghai Linzhiqi Precision Tool Technology Co., Ltd. (Linzhiqi) Shanghai Lingzhiqi Precision Tool Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint venture, located at No.1269, Jinhu Road, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Pudong, Shanghai. It has accumulated more than 20 years of R & D and production experience in high-end CNC precision cutting dies, forming jigs, brazing fixtures, wear-resistant accessories, high-precision accessories and superhard abrasives. Adhering to the advanced and comprehensive production system of Zhonghetong technology industry, it has various precision technology production and processing capabilities, and has introduced world-class CNC equipment, powerful high-speed composite grinding processing centers and super-strong ultra-fine particles of high-grade materials, high-precision (3DX technology) forming super-hard, super-precision grinding; It can be used in micro, ultra-long, ultra-thin, ultra-wear-resistant, impact-resistant, highly complex and combined processing, with perfect cutting edge quality and dimensional tolerance up to ± 0.0005mm (± 0.5 μm), to achieve high-efficiency and low-cost applications! Keep stock of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products with turnover of 8 million to 10 million RMB all the year round, produce according to the map and sample, supply quickly within a week, with strong cost performance. Adhere to all kinds of ways, time to promote service efforts, the degree of technical support of the commission part-time and joint support of large and medium-sized enterprises in the supply and sales, large and medium-sized wholesale OEM services; From the high-end products processed by six-axis and seven-axis linkage CNC (AAA level) to the middle-end products produced by three-axis and four-axis (D level), different levels of quality and price, the R & D, production and processing of first-class industrial products, special, non-standard, special-shaped and new products in large quantities and super high cost performance can be replaced professionally, and the design can be improved according to the drawings, which can greatly reduce the comprehensive cost! No.10: Harbin Tool Works (Harbin Institute of Technology) Harbin Tool Works, founded in 1990, is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of precision and complex cutting tools for gear processing. Through more than ten years of training, we have accumulated very rich experience in tool manufacturing, trained a large number of professional and technical personnel with considerable level and production backbone of processing and manufacturing, and have precise processing equipment and testing instruments at home and abroad, with reasonable product design, advanced technology and reliable quality. Among them, high efficiency and high precision arc bevel gear milling cutter, gear hob, broach, double disc straight gear milling blade, Oerlikon blade, radial gear shaving cutter and other products sell well in major gear processing enterprises in China and are exported to Japan, Korea, the United States and Taiwan, and are well received by customers at home and abroad. In 2000, our factory passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, and has the right of self-import and export, which provides convenience for direct export of products. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to negotiate trade, exchange technology and create brilliance. Harbin Tools always regards product quality as the foundation of enterprise survival and development, puts forward the business philosophy of “quality in my hands, users in my heart”, and takes “management, innovation, truth-seeking, service” as its purpose. Harbin Tool Factory took the lead in implementing ISO9002 standard in the industry and passed ISO9002 quality system certification in 2000. Now we manage and control the quality of our products in full accordance with the requirements of ISO9002 quality management system, and ensure that the quality of our products provided to the vast number of users is all high-quality products that meet the national standards. Looking forward to the future, Harbin Tool Factory will carry out its social obligations with its own practical actions. Harbin tool people will continue to adhere to the development path of “industrial scale, science and technology frontier”, start from the enterprise itself, constantly improve its competitiveness, improve the level of science and technology, develop high-efficiency technology products, build an international brand with quality and service,overburden drilling systems, truly become a giant in the industry, lead the revitalization of the national processing industry, and make unremitting efforts to promote the motherland to become a big country in science and technology as soon as possible! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com


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