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Can you start a business in the United Kingdom as a non-resident?

Yes, a non-UK occupant can start a business in the United Kingdom. The enrollment of a business is on the same lines for both-a occupant and anon-UK occupant. 

The restrictions on setting up a business in the UK for a foreign public range from low to manageable. You can be a company clerk, a shareholder, and indeed a company’s director in the United Kingdom. Still, you'll have to register your business with the Companies House in England, Scotland, Wales, or North Ireland- depending upon the position of your company in the United Kingdom. Whilst starting a business may be easy for non residers, getting a bank account is a whole different ball game particularly if you're a non occupant. 

Why start a business in the United Kingdom? 

You must wonder if it's at all doable to start a business in the United Kingdom. But the verity is, the United Kingdom is one of the easiest places to set up and run a business. However, 

If you need further persuading then are our. Top 5 reasons about setting up a business in the United Kingdom 

  • The manageable taxation system of the UK is one of the most striking features of the UK request. The rate of Corporation Tax in the United Kingdom is 18, starting from 1st April 2020. This proves that the rate of commercial duty assessed in the UK is relatively low in comparison to other foreign requests, being 17 in India. 
  • Piecemeal from the ease of setting up a company in the UK, the United Kingdom is a more structured frugality that also favors entrepreneurs with finances and fiscal schemes and yet, enormous openings 
  • The Rule of Law establishes a frame that holds everyone-people, businesses, and the government-responsible for their conduct. Guidelines for paycheck issues, plant safety, reclamation, and licensing offer clarity, sustainability, and thickness in an innately fluid setting. 
  • The strong structure for doing business and the inflexibility of the UK request enable a new business to forcefully lay its foundation in the United Kingdom. The focus on sustainable and positive advancements ensures a solid establishment for profitable business operations. 
  • The UK has a vast gift pool to novitiate from. The UK’s education system and universities bait in some of the brightest youthful minds making it a request of largely professed professionals. Either, the overall cost of labor is lower in the UK, with respect to countries similar as Germany, France, or Ireland. 

How to start a business in the United Kingdom? 

  • Begin with a valid passport and your visa. You must apply for a work visa before you decide to start a business in the UK. Apply for a visa as early as possible to rule out any mishap during the procedure. 
  • Consider the legal structure and business plan of your business. You must pick a position and a company structure beforehand. Our global mobility experts have experience of working with companies to different sizes to help with this. 
  • Time to incorporate your business – choosing the applicable name, opting the nature of business and submitting memorandum and papers of association are all part of the enrollment process. 
  • Also, you can register your business for levies. This is a given for every business in the UK. You can get your incorporated company registered via the HMRC or over the phone. 

Which UK Visa to apply for? 

This can be an intimidating question for utmost newcomers as this is where you need to start. There are several UK Visa routes to establish a business in the United Kingdom. 

You can choose from applying as UK Tier 1 Investor Visa if you're an extremist high net worth individual to being a representative of an overseas business or as an intra-company transferee if your company formerly has a presence in the UK. In 2019 UK also introduced UK Innovator Visa and UK Start Up visas to encourage entrepreneurs with innovative and scalable ideas – the list of UK Visa options is different. 

This is where educated and professional UK visa experts step by. Consult The SmartMove2UK moment and realize your dream of starting a business in the UK. 

The United Kingdom offers ample opportunities for young minds and seasoned players to set up and run a successful and lucrative business. With their sturdy national economy, the scope of growth is prolific. But the daunting chore of registration of the business and applying for a work visa need to be performed by professionals only. The SmartMove2UK has experienced & professional UK visa specialists, you can contact on +919819127002 or email at info@smi.legal for any legal Advice or assistance


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