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Gcp Professional-Cloud-Architect Access for 170 Past Questions and Answers | Real Dumps PDF | Examsforsure.com

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Test Information:

Total Questions:    170

Test Number:    Professional-Cloud-Architect

Vendor Name:    Google

Certification Name:    Google Cloud Certified

Test Name:    Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect (GCP) 978 Reviews

Official Site:    https://www.examsforsure.com/

Outlook Questions:

Question #: 1

For this question, refer to the Mountkirk Games case study. Mountkirk Games has deployed their new backend on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You want to create a thorough testing process for new versions of the backend before they are released to the public. You want the testing environment to scale in an economical way. How should you design the process? 

A. Create a scalable environment in GCP for simulating production load.

B. Use the existing infrastructure to test the GCP-based backend at scale.

C. Build stress tests into each component of your application using resources internal to GCP to simulate load.

D. Create a set of static environments in GCP to test different levels of load — for example, high, medium, and low.

Answer: A

Question #: 2

For this question, refer to the JencoMart case study. The JencoMart security team requires that all Google Cloud Platform infrastructure is deployed using a least privilege model with separation of duties for administration between production and development resources. What Google domain and project structure should you recommend?

A. Create two G Suite accounts to manage users: one for development/test/staging and one for production.

B. Each account should contain one project for every application.

C. Create a single G Suite account to manage users with each stage of each application in its own project.

D. Create a single G Suite account to manage users with one project for the development/test/staging environment and one project for the production environment.

Answer: D

Question #: 3

For this question, refer to the TerramEarth case study. TerramEarth's 20 million vehicles are scattered around the world. Based on the vehicle's location its telemetry data is stored in a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) regional bucket (US. Europe, or Asia). The CTO has asked you to run a report on the raw telemetry data to determine why vehicles are breaking down after 100 K miles. You want to run this job on all the data. What is the most cost-effective way to run this job?

A. Move all the data into 1 zone, then launch a Cloud Dataproc cluster to run the job.

B. Move all the data into 1 region, then launch a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster to run the job.

C. Launch a cluster in each region to preprocess and compress the raw data, then move the data into a multi region bucket and use a Dataproc cluster to finish the job.

D. Launch a cluster in each region to preprocess and compress the raw data, then move the data into a region bucket and use a Cloud Dataproc cluster to finish the jo

Answer: DC

Prepared By:   Examsforsure.com




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