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You have chosen your dream garden room, you know exactly how you plan to use it and its installation date is imminent. All of which leaves just one more thing to consider, albeit quite an important consideration:

How should I style and furnish my garden room?

The beauty of these kinds of exterior structures is how they can be personalised from top to bottom. Everything about your dream garden room can be tailored to reflect your preferences and your personality.

Making your garden room 100% unique to you and you alone is half the fun.

Still, knowing where to start with the whole thing can be tricky; precisely where a look at the latest garden room design trends can help – a great source of inspiration for getting things off the ground.

Whether you are planning to install a garden room this year or looking to give your existing garden room a makeover, these are the four top design trends making waves right now:

  1. Upcycling and Recycling

This super-eco-friendly design trend has been growing in popularity for several years. The beauty of this shabby-chic approach to interior décor lies in its accessibility and affordability. Not to mention, the enjoyment of breathing new life into all manner of decorative features, fixtures and furniture.

Charity shops and car boot sales are the best places to pick up distressed items in need of a little TLC.  After which, it is simply a case of grabbing your toolbox and paintbrushes, and letting your imagination run wild; a fantastic option for creating a 100% unique aesthetic for your garden room, while at the same time keeping costs to the absolute minimum.

  1. Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

One of the best things about a garden room is how it enables you to surround yourself with nature. It is technically an indoor space, but nonetheless feels so much closer to nature than any room of the home. Hence, it simply makes sense to build on this natural vibe, by bringing a touch of the outdoors indoors.

Garden rooms with exposed wooden walls and ceilings are particularly great for this timeless theme, as are those decorated predominantly in blacks, whites and understated neutral tones. In short, all you need to do is get extremely heavy-handed with your inclusion of plants and greenery. Think large floor-standing plants, hanging baskets, wall hangers and so on – anywhere you can pack in a few more plants.

  1. Ultra Minimalist

Of course, the easier way to decorate your garden room is to not bother decorating it at all. Or at least, not bring anything into the space that does not need to be there. Far from uninspired, this ultra-minimalist approach to interior design can be hugely attractive. Not to mention, pave the way for a space that could not be easier to keep clean and tidy.

This is where the basic structure of your garden room is complemented with nothing more than the basic furniture you need. A sofa and chair paired with a small coffee table, perhaps with just a single bookshelf to the side. Irrespective of how you intend to use your garden room, keeping clutter to the bare minimum is usually a good idea.

  1. Classic Country Style

This is the trend that brings the quintessential countryside cottage look and feel into your garden room, a touch of that timeless modern farmhouse look.

Achieving this effect means steering clear of anything too modern; flowery curtains, traditional wooden coffee tables, a small chesterfield sofa and plenty of fresh flowers – all great for creating a cosy cottage vibe.




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