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The tank-style watch is making a triumphant return in 2024. While the tank-style watch didn’t necessarily go anywhere, more people are starting to gravitate toward this elegant watch style.

When you think “watch,” most of us think of the conventional round design. The tank style breaks the barriers of conventionality. This tank was originally modeled after the tanks of WWI battlefields, with a rectangular watch case instead of a round one. Of course, the shape of the tank-style watch is only one detail capturing the imagination of watch enthusiasts and watch newcomers alike. Why is the tank-style watch trending this year, and what exactly sets it apart? Here’s everything you need to know.

(Here is an example of an analog watch for men and women with the rectangular case style.)

The Origins of the Tank-Style Watch

The tank-style watch is defined by its signature rectangular case. The tank-style watch features a case that is a similar diameter to the bracelet, creating a“bracelet” look when worn on the wrist. But why is it called tank style? The name comes from literal origins—tanks on the battlefield.

The inspiration for the design was taken from the tanks of World War I by jeweler and watchmaker, Louis Cartier,. The tank machines were angular and functional. Cartier was inspired by these tanks and set to designing pieces evocative of these war machines. However, unlike the harsh machines of the battlefield, those earliest tank-style watches took a different tact: elegance and sophistication. In many ways, it’s the complete opposite of the machines that inspired them in the first place.

A Watch Set Apart

Starting with the earliest tank-style watches, these designs were long associated with luxury watchmakers. Tank-style watches weren’t necessarily as common as other styles of watches (like conventional round-case styles), but their sleek design appeals to aficionados of elegant and classic styles.

When watchmakers wanted to add a more sophisticated piece to their lineup, the tank-style watch could easily fit the bill. It’s the kind of watch that can be dressed up. From business settings to formal occasions, the tank-style watch fits in perfectly.

The Tank-Style Watch in 2024

In 2024, the tank-style watch is more accessible than ever. You can find a tank-style silver watch for men or a rose-gold-toned watch for women, with many style choices to choose from.

Yet, with more choices among tank-style watches, the earliest design principles continue to shine through. More people are gravitating toward the narrow, rectangular look of the tank-style watch.

People love timepieces that speak to classic watch design. They want something they can wear for those special occasions or simply because they want a watch that’s more on the unconventional side. If you’ve been thinking about breaking away from conventional watch design, it’s safe to say with the return of the tank-style watch, this is your year.

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