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Your Apple MacBook is a portable powerhouse. You can take it with you wherever you go. You pack it on trips, flights, and jaunts to your favorite coffee spot. But as portable as it is, what if your MacBook was even more portable? Is such a thing possible? The answer is yes!

Whether you’re looking for ways to boost the portability of your current MacBook or you’re browsing the new and refurbished MacBook options on the market today, there are many ways to maximize portable productivity while on the go. Here are three ways to bring a new level of portability to your MacBook experience.

Go Smaller All-Around

One of the great things about the Apple MacBook Pro is that it doesn’t skimp on processing power whether you go for a larger 16-model or a smaller 14 or 13 inch Pro model. If you’re rocking a larger machine, scaling down the inches is an option. Maybe your larger MacBook is getting on in years, and you’re looking to upgrade. It’s worth exploring options with a smaller footprint.

The MacBook Air is another option that offers exceptional portability, but the internal configuration can pack slightly less of a punch. If you want a new device, but don’t want to absorb the higher upfront costs, you can explore MacBook payment plan options or go refurbished. Both routes give you more choice as you explore your portability potential!

Say Goodbye to Excess Space

Think of this as spring cleaning for the content creation and productivity side of your life. Sometimes, our backpacks, messenger bags, and other carry-alls have too much space. You slide your MacBook in, along with the charger and a few other accessories, and you still have so much room. It’s not that having excess space is a bad thing, but that excess space isn’t always needed.

Downsizing can make a significant difference. Carrying a bag or case fitted for your MacBook and essential accessories takes portability to the next level. No space is wasted. Of course, it’s good to have both a larger bag and a smaller, more fitted bag so you can grab exactly what you need when you’re on the go.

Bring on the Battery

This tip isn’t so much about carrying less but carrying slightly more in a strategic way to maximize portability. In this case, it’s about adding a portable power bank to the mix. MacBook internal batteries are already known for their longevity. This gives you the option to work from anywhere without having to worry about searching for an outlet. Want to kick back on the beach with some spreadsheets? Want to edit your podcast from a mountain top resort? You can!

Having a backup power bank boosts the versatility of your MacBook or any compatible devices. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a portable battery. First, make sure it’s compatible with your MacBook, both in terms of the power it provides and how it delivers that power (via USB-C? Thunderbolt?). Second, make sure it’s large enough for your needs and gives you all the extra juice you need to get things done. Lastly, make sure it fits in your MacBook case! While this means carrying an additional item, you can increase your portability, allowing you to take your MacBook to plenty more places.

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