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Every student is searching for an inspiring and efficient online tutor. Your aspirations are to be an online tutor, but you have to embrace certain practices that help in garnering attention. 

What makes a tutor a GOOD online tutor? Perhaps you have thought of many ways to become a good tutor, but you are still in the learning process. 

Did you know that most of the college and school teachers have now started online teaching? Students don’t pay attention. They join the class, turn off their audio and video and indulge in other activities like watching television, browsing their mobile, or even going out with their friends. They do not listen to their teachers because online classes have an option of staying mute and turning the video off. 

How do you get the attention of the child and make them interested in the subject? There are certain practices you can embrace to gain confidence as an online tutor and even get the attention of young students. 

We have listed the five efficient practices that make you a good online tutor. If you’re not in a rush and are 100% dedicated to starting your tutoring journey, keep reading this quick post. 

#1 Introducing Technological Inputs and New Media 

To become an online tutor, you would need to work on your communication skills. Start practicing taking lessons online. But that is not enough because you would need to engage the students. 

Make your classes a little more engaging and interesting by introducing new media and advanced technological inputs. You can show them videos, give surveys to fill, an online pop quiz would also be helpful. Besides this, you can ask them to use their phone during class to find out information. This way they don’t have to turn off the video and browse their phone. 

#2 Understanding the learning objectives

If the student is young, you can ask their parents about the learning objectives. Do they want to get good grades or finish homework and assignments? 

Some students have a different goal in their head – they are hungry for knowledge and want to improve their skills in a particular subject or language. 

If you teach language online, maybe the student has an objective of speaking like an American or a British local. Ask the student about the learning objectives or goals and then start teaching. 

#3 Active Online Learning: The Best Way to get Attention & Responses 

School and college teachers can deal with ignorance. They prepare their lecture, offer it to students, and their job is over. Some teachers go out of the way to ask students about any doubts or concerns. However, as a tutor, you cannot leave your students midway. 

When you are teaching languages online or any subject, you have to ask the student about their queries. Start provoking responses from your students. You will find many ways to do this! 

Take the example of a class where the student is not paying attention – you can explain the subject and then ask them to explain the same thing in their own words. This will be helpful because they will pay attention to what you’re saying. 

Concluding Thoughts

Many aspiring teachers have the following question – How to become an online tutor? 

For starters, you should start practicing and gaining in-depth knowledge of the subject. Think of different ways to make the class informative and engaging. Be ready to ask questions to students. 

Once you have gained confidence and have a better sense of handling situations, you can join an online language learning platform like Evopry.  

Becoming a good online tutor requires patience, understanding (students and the subject), and the dedication to learn something new each day. Even as a teaching, you will have to learn new ways to engage your students.


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