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2024 is going to be a great year for watch enthusiasts. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months, including new trends and new releases from a number of big names. Whether you’re an avid watch collector or a casual watch wearer—or somewhere in between—there are going to be options for everyone.

While new releases will appear throughout the course of the year, many big trends are already starting to emerge. Some of the trends are building on the momentum of 2023—like the trend of more eye-catching dial colors. Have you checked out a gold watch for women recently? You may have spotted more adventurous dial colors that both complement the gold tone and stand out. Going into 2024, what else can you expect? Here are a few trends to keep an eye out for.

Exceptional Dial Colors

This is a trend that’s been building momentum for some time. While muted colors and designs are still as popular as ever, more people are gravitating to bold, adventurous dial colors that pop. If you’ve shopped for an analog watch for men—or women—recently, you may have already started to notice these updated designs.

You may have spotted timepieces with vibrant or more eye-catching dials. From baby blues to lively purples to scintillating greens, watchmakers are taking chances, and it’s getting a positive response. Watch enthusiasts are enjoying the change of pace. As the trend continues to evolve, 2024 is likely to be a colorful year.

Distinctive Silhouettes

In 2024, many watches are getting a silhouette makeover. Much like the bold and adventurous dial colors, don’t be surprised to see striking silhouettes. You may start to see mens black watches with more adventurous case shaping, as well as cases with a heavier look. This includes square watch faces, a style that you’re sure to see making its mark this year.

You may start to see bolder silhouettes among women’s watches, too. Women’s watches are generally smaller than men’s watches. They can feature smaller cases with narrow bands and bracelets. However, many women’s watches in recent years are larger and stand out more than they have in the past. As 2024 comes into its own, you can expect to continue seeing larger cases and dials, along with wider bands and bracelets.

Premium-Feeling Bands and Bracelets

There are many watches that come packaged with simple watch bands made with basic material or a basic design. They hold the watch on your wrist, and that’s it. But what if you want more? It’s not uncommon for watch collectors to replace these simple bands with something more exciting.

In 2024, you can experiment with watches that have premium-feeling bands and bracelets right out of the box instead of settling for basic bands and bracelets. Upgraded bands feel good on your skin and look great at the same time. If they’re metal, they’ll have a solid weight to them and hold up to daily wear. If they’re leather, they’ll be soft and well-stitched. Even among plastic and cloth-based bands, you’re likely to see more refinement this year. Look for eco-conscious designs that look great, feel good on your wrist, and support a great cause. When watch brands prioritize premium materials, you only want to wear your favorite watches that much more often.

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