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If you’ve watched horses graze, you know how much they love plants. There are some plants they like more than others, and they’ll gladly continue to eat them until you guide them away. Going into the fall and winter, there are a number of plants that can do more for your horse—more than the average grazing grass.

Burdock, milk thistle, and other plants can help support your horse’s wellness in different ways. Plus, these are also plants horses may seek out naturally if those plants happen to grow where your horses already graze. You can find these plants in select herbs for horses, including a number of natural and plant-based supplements. Here’s a closer look at a few fall plants that can help support your horse’s wellness.


During the spring and summer, burdock isn’t necessarily something horses might graze on. It’s not the most friendly or appetizing plant. Not yet, anyway. It’s defined by its bulbous, spurred ends (burdock inspired the invention of the hook and loop clasp, Velcro). During the fall and winter, burdock plants begin to dry out. That’s when horses can start to graze on them more readily. In addition to the top of the plant, horses may nibble on the roots, too.

While horses may graze on wild burdock in the fall and winter, its benefits are available year-round in the form of horse supplements. It can be used as an ingredient in natural supplements made to support kidney and liver health. When your horse’s kidneys and liver are supported, it may lead to improvements in performance and temperament.

Milk Thistle

At a glance, milk thistle can look similar to burdock. It’s not uncommon for one to be mistaken for the other. Much like burdock, horses may ignore or eat around it during the spring and summer when the spurred ends of the plant are particularly irritating. As the fall and winter approach, usually after the frost sets in, these plants start to die and dry out. That’s why they’re more accessible to horses as they graze.

And much like burdock, milk thistle is an excellent natural ingredient in horse supplements. You can find it in kidney and liver support supplements, along with others. Again, supporting your horse’s kidney and liver wellness can have a positive ripple effect on your horse’s overall health, behavior, and temperament.


Real marshmallow, Althaea officinalis, isn’t particularly common in North America. However, if it does happen to grow near your horses, it can be worthwhile to keep it around. The plant can help support your horse’s respiratory health. In the late summer and throughout the fall, air quality can drop. When horses spend extended periods of time outdoors training, competing, or working in dusty and smoky conditions, they can use all the respiratory support you can give them.

Marshmallow plant, in addition to respiratory-focused supplements, can help give them the extra support they need. If you want to take nutritional support even further, you can combine respiratory supplements with natural digestive health supplements and horse dewormers for a more well-rounded approach. Throughout the fall, more support can help give your horse a wellness advantage as they prepare for the winter months.

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