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A day in the life of a marketer is never the same. Of course you operate the same channels per day and maybe, if you are a specialist, only a single channel. But what can happen there? A party. A disaster. An exciting time – anything is possible. You have your channels in order, your return is excellent. However, your revenue stagnates at a point where you know for sure that it is not the maximum for your customer at that moment. You check everything from channels, landing pages and technically, but you can't find a real mistake. And you can't improve anything at that cash register… right? Very honest; maybe not. But because I don't know your shop (yet), I have three tips for you to make your mobile buying process just that little bit better.

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Although this tip is not specific for your cash register, it is very important. Nothing is more annoying for a visitor than when he or she really wants to order, and then cannot immediately see how this is done. For example, I was looking for vitamins and so came across a shop that sold them. Everything looked fine. The categorization was in order, the page layout was smooth and I could easily click through to the detail page of the product I was looking for.

This product page also looks great. The price is sticky in the header when I scroll down. I get confirmation that they are good vitamins from a collection of reviews. In stock? check. But then I see ‘add to favorites'. huh? Add to favorites? I have to be able to buy before I know if it will be my new favorite product. I do see a chat window out of the corner of my eye. Scroll up again then. Maybe I missed a button? Oh, no. After 20 seconds of searching – with increasing frustration – I suddenly notice that I have to make a choice for the contents of the jar that I want to add to my shopping cart. I can tell you that I didn't feel like asking via chat how to order this product and was about to click away. Then my eye fell on the faded CTA stuck at the bottom of my screen. Now I am a rational and not an emotional buyer, so I bought the product anyway. But you have lost another large part of your target group with this kind of antics: They have not even seen your checkout.
Do you feel like standing at a checkout in the store longer than necessary? It's busy, you're hot, your child is whining and all you really want is to pop your intended purchase through the scanner and pay.
Waiting is annoying. This is no different with an online checkout. Now there are (usually) no lines in front of you slowing down the whole process. However, you will always be asked for more information that you have to fill in yourself. It does not help if the cash register does not help you to fill in the most obvious information.

Navigating through a cash register on a small screen is almost never a party. How annoying is it when you have to review fields again afterwards because the cash register indicates that the information entered is incorrect? You often enter your house number intuitively after your street name. However, many online checkouts have a separate field for this. Do you always have to switch keyboards at least 3 times before typing an email address? Yes, and then it often has to be done again. Exhausting.
Therefore, implement a matching keyboard for a number of specific fields. Numeric for telephone and house number, for example. And a keyboard where @, underscore and possibly a .com button are immediately visible without having to press another key first. And nowadays, modules are available for most e-commerce platforms that automatically fill in zip code and city name when the zip code and house number are entered. This saves a lot of typing and speeds up the entire purchasing process. You spend less time, have less frustration during the process and so make a purchase faster.
Let's face it: ordering via a mobile phone is, however optimized, not always pleasant. The screen remains small, the keys remain small and you don't always have the overview you want. If you order a pizza, you have to bite through the sour apple once. After that you have an account and the whole process goes much faster. But if you only make a purchase at a shop once, you are not going to create an account. Questions such as ‘did I order the right amount of this product?' sometimes occur. Go, click back to the shopping cart. Good quantity selected? check. Back to the checkout then. Fortunately, you have already filled in all those fields and now all you have to do is tap ‘order'. However? Well, not so. It often happens that data is not saved as soon as the checkout is exited, if only to check your amount of products. It sucks, but you lose a lot of visitors that way. You can easily prevent this by saving the data in the checkout via a session ID. Use a session ID, because in addition to much less frustration for persistent orderers, that also results in a lot of extra orders.

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It is not always complicated to improve a purchasing process. A few small adjustments can already do a lot of good for your visitors, so that those few extra shopping baskets are paid for.



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