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A single LEGO set can open a world of wonder for a child. That may be why LEGO is one of the most popular toy brands in the world. From LEGO DUPLO to LEGO Creator Expert, there is a LEGO theme for everyone. Each theme is a voyage of discovery into a world of imagination for children (and even adults). Children can be transported to distant lands right from the comfort of their bedroom. Plus, they have the option of following the provided instruction booklet or forging ahead into their own imaginative adventure. Better yet, they can mix and match sets to their heart’s content. If you’re looking for new ways to stir your child’s imagination, here are three LEGO themes that are sure to unlock all sorts of possibilities.

The Iconic LEGO City Brings Familiar Themes Home

LEGO City is one of the brand’s oldest and most recognisable themes. It didn’t always go by the name “LEGO City,” but it has always been a theme where children can find familiar elements from their community turned into LEGO bricks. You have police stations, fire and rescue services, family homes, town centres and vehicles of all kinds. Children can recreate their own community or create one from their imaginations. They can build a small village for their favourite minifigures, race cars against their friends, or build the ultimate rescue service station complete with a fleet of helicopters. Plus, LEGO City is always expanding, so you can discover something new with each set.

LEGO Friends Creates an Immersive Play Experience

LEGO Friends has a lot in common with LEGO City. While you won’t find police or fire service buildings here, you will find holiday homes, animal rescues, day-care centres, restaurants, and more. LEGO Friends is a way for children to bring more colour and vibrancy into their imaginative play. They can play with cute animals while they join friends at their holiday beach house. LEGO Friends takes children beyond their ordinary world and transports them to a new place where friends gather and are always ready for a new adventure. The theme also introduces children to a different style of minifigure called the mini doll. Mini dolls have a more “realistic” appearance that young children can connect with. They may see more of themselves in the mini doll and feel more immersed in their play experience.

Experience Magic with LEGO Harry Potter

Imagination is at the heart of LEGO Harry Potter and all Harry Potter toys. This includes the beloved LEGO Harry Potter building sets. The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets set recreates familiar scenes from the film and book. Children can explore the Great Hall or delve into the depths of the Chamber of Secrets hidden beneath Hogwarts. The set includes minifigures like Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Gilderoy Lockhart, Albus Dumbledore, Nearly Headless Nick, Tom Riddle and more. Children can recreate magical scenes of their favourite Harry Potter moments. Or they can create new magical adventures with characters they know and love. They can even bring in new characters and figures from their other collections. No matter which LEGO theme you choose, they always offer endless storytelling possibilities.

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