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There are so many eye-catching baby clothes on the market, that it can be extremely difficult to choose the right babywear for your newborn or growing tot! 

With that in mind, we’ve outlined some of the best tips for buying baby clothes, so that you will know what you really need when the time comes.

Always choose one size up from your baby’s current age

Baby clothing sizes tend to be on the small size, as you might expect. However, there’s one glaring issue with this: babies grow so fast! 

It’s for this reason that you might be advised to effectively ‘trade up’ a size early to accommodate your little one’s rapid growth. Most six-month-old babies, for example, can wear clothes designed for those aged from nine to 12 months – so if you’re looking at pieces that fit your baby’s exact current size, you may already be a little too late in buying them. 

Be choosy when purchasing high-end babywear

High-end babywear comes at a premium cost, but this isn’t always a worthy price to pay for basic items like vests and plain tops. So, we would suggest mixing and matching your baby’s wardrobe, perhaps opting for slightly more ‘fashionable’ brands sometimes, but also occasionally going for cheaper offerings that suit you and your baby’s needs. 

Often, you might find it’s easier to just hammer a relevant search term into Google, such as “affordable babywear online in the UK”, which will allow you to discover stores – like Zawzor – that give you both high-quality and cost-effective baby clothes to choose from. 

Sometimes, an item being ‘high-end’ doesn’t mean that it’s better than cheaper alternatives.  

Don’t purchase too much or too little

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer scale of the babywear on the market. Our own video shopping channel alone packs in many of the best cardigans, knitwear, coats, babygrows, summer and winter outfits, and so much more. So, we would advise you to avoid purchasing too much, or too little, of each type of item. 

For example, you’ll probably need at least eight all-in-one suits for smaller babies, and at least six vests. One or two cardigans wouldn’t go amiss, and it’s always wise to shop for new-born pramsuits if you’re taking your baby on a trip to the park. One sturdy pramsuit should be okay! 

Of course, every baby is different, so you should also make sure you don’t overwhelm your cupboards and drawers at home with items that your adorable bundle of joy will never wear.  

Parents need every penny they can get, to devote to the upbringing of their little one. With a little help from our own affordable babywear online in the UK here at Zawzor, you can treat your child at the same time as achieving genuinely worthwhile savings. 




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