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The world of essential oils is extensive and can sometimes feel overwhelming. But essential oils can add so much richness to your life and home that they’re worth learning more about. With so many different ones to choose from, like lemon oil, frankincense, and eucalyptus, beginning with a guide can help you find your footing. If you’re about to start your magical journey with essential oils, let this guide help you get informed.

Essential Oils Are Simple, Easy, and Natural

The first thing you should know about essential oils is they truly are a simple and natural way to infuse a little more nature into your home and lifestyle. There are three primary ways to use essential oils, and you can enhance everything from your atmosphere to your skin and well-being.

Diffusing Essential Oils

Diffusing is the most common way to enjoy essential oils. Strong aromatics can encourage different environments throughout your home. You can create a refreshing atmosphere with lemon oil or a relaxed one with lavender oil to help promote a restful environment.

Applying Essential Oils Topically

Applying select essential oils topically is a great way to enjoy the aroma and target a specific area on the skin that may need attention. You should first determine if you need to dilute the essential oil before application by checking the Neat, Dilute, and Sensitive labels:

Sensitive means you should dilute your oil if you have more sensitive skin.

Dilute means you should always dilute this oil for topical use.

Neat means you can go ahead and apply the oil as it is.

Ingesting Essential Oils

You can also give your food an infusion of flavor with select essential oils safe for consumption. Always ensure your oils are safe for ingestion before you get creative in the kitchen. There are so many fun, innovative, and creative ways to enjoy essential oils by cooking with them or adding a couple of flavorful drops to your water. Wild orange cinnamon rolls, anyone?

You Can Use Essential Oils for Natural Cleaning

If you’ve been thinking about taking a more natural approach to your home cleaning, you’ll want to stock up on some essential oils like tea tree oil, lemon oil, and eucalyptus oil for their cleansing powers. Just add some of your favorite cleansing essential oils to your homemade cleaners and let the oils naturally cleanse surfaces and invigorate your home.

There’s an Endless Amount of DIY Recipes

The sheer number of different options you have to create your own recipes and projects using essential oils is mind-blowing. From making your own body butter and facial masks to reusing your empty oil bottles for decor around the house, you can open up a world of possibilities with essential oils.

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