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Driven by the increasing demand for nanomaterials in the healthcare and electronics sectors among other end industries, growing investments in research & development by companies to bring innovative products to the market, the superior physical & chemical properties of these materials, and increasing investment by the governments, the Global Nanomaterials Market is Forecasted to Reach ~US$ 20 Bn by 2028 says Ken Research Study.  

Nanomaterials are materials that have at least one external dimension that lies between 1-100 nanometers or internal structures that measure 100 nanometers or less. These can occur naturally or be formed by combustion reactions through nanotechnology to be used for a particular purpose. These can be in the form of fibers, particles, tubes, or rods. The properties of the bulk form of nanomaterials can be different from that of the individual nanomaterials that are used to form them. Due to their properties such as electrical conductivity, hardness, elasticity, high strength, and chemical resistance, the application of nanomaterials is on the rise in the healthcare, automotive, electronics, and chemicals industries among others.

Ken Research shares 3 key insights on this high-opportunity market from its latest research study.

1. Superior Physical and Chemical Properties of Nanomaterials are helping the Market’s Growth

According to Research estimates, the Global Nanomaterials Market – which was valued from around US$ 6 Bn in 2017 to nearly US$ 10 Bn by 2022 – is expected to grow further to ~ US$ 20 Bn opportunity by 2028.

Some of the factors that propel the growth of the Nanomaterials market over the forecast period include nanomaterials being significantly different from other materials due to their increased surface area and quantum effects which give them properties such as electrical conductivity, strength, and reactivity as compared to materials made of larger particles of the same mass.

Request For Sample Report @ https://www.kenresearch.com/sample-report.php?Frmdetails=NTk2MTY2

Global Nanomaterials Market Revenue

2. Growing Applications of Nanomaterials Across All Major End-user Industries is Helping the Market Growth

The Nanomaterials market is going to get a boost due to the increasing application of such materials in the healthcare, electronics, and automotive industries among others. These materials have high magnetic susceptibility so these are ideal for nano-electromechanical systems, and nanoelectronics, and are used as coatings in printed electronics because they are more effective in magnetic enhancement.

Their ability to be used as quantum dots, spintronics, and nanowires is also helping in the increase in demand for nanomaterials in the electronics industry.

Request For Sample Report @ https://www.kenresearch.com/sample-report.php?Frmdetails=NTk2MTY2

Indian Electronics Manufacturing and Exports Market

3. High Costs Associated with the Processing of Nanomaterials are A Major Challenge to the Growth of the Market

The high processing costs associated with Nanomaterials act as a major hindrance to the growth of the market. The cost is generally much higher because of the synthetic processes such as self-assembly methods and covalent synthesis. Also to create patterned nanostructures, computer simulation and modeling techniques are used which add to the processing cost.

Average Cost of Mnemotactic Bacteria

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Snapshot of the Global Nanomaterials Market
  • Industry Value Chain and Ecosystem Analysis
  • Market size and Segmentation of the Global Nanomaterials Market
  • Historic Growth of the Overall Global Nanomaterials Market and Segments
  • Competition Scenario of the Market and Key Developments of Competitors
  • Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis of the Global Nanomaterials Market
  • Overview, Product Offerings, and SWOT Analysis of Key Competitors
  • COVID-19 Impact on the Overall Global Nanomaterials Market
  • Future Market Forecast and Growth Rates of the Total Global Nanomaterials Market and by Segments
  • Market Size of Fiber Type / End User Segments with Historical CAGR and Future Forecasts
  • Analysis of the Nanomaterials Market in Major Regions
  • Major Production / Consumption Hubs in the Major Regions
  • Major Country-wise Historic and Future Market Growth Rates of the Total Market and Segments
  • Overview of Notable Emerging Competitor Companies within Each Major Region

Major Players Mentioned in the report

  • Arkema
  • Strem
  • American Elements
  • Evonik AG
  • US Research Nanomaterials, Inc.
  • nanoComposix
  • Frontier Carbon Corporation
  • Quantum Materials Corp.
  • Cytodiagnostics Inc.
  • Cabot Corporation

Notable Emerging Companies Mentioned in the Report

  • Log9 Materials
  • StoreDot
  • A123 Systems LLC
  • GegaDyne Energy Labs Pvt Ltd.
  • Nanoramic® Laboratories

Key Target Audience – Organizations and Entities Who Can Benefit by Subscribing This Report

  • Nanomaterials Manufacturers
  • Nanomaterials Suppliers
  • Raw Materials Suppliers for Nanomaterials Industry
  • Chemical Companies
  • Specialty Material Companies
  • Investors and Venture Capitalists in the Nanomaterials Industry
  • Market Research & Consulting Firms
  • Start-ups & Incumbents in Nanomaterials Industry
  • Company Research and Development Institutes
  • Government & Regulatory Authorities
  • Nanotechnology Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report

  • Historical Period: 2017-2021
  • Forecast Period: 2022E-2028F

For more insights on the market intelligence, refer to the link below:-

Global Players in Nanomaterials Industry



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