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Is it possible to envisage a world free from autism? Or almost a world where medical accomplishments aid to treat autism back to normality? This aspirant thinking may just translate into realism; thanks to the investigation on regenerative medicines using Stem cell treatment for autism in India. How terrible it would be if we couldn't be able to speak up our feelings and thought? That is what autism does to you. Under the impact of this dreadful neurological ailment, one's mind and body stays underdeveloped. Symptoms of this illness can be seen after first three years of a kid's life. It is treatable but info about it is rare. There are numerous ways to treat autism as the specialists believe. So, let us speak to how it can be cured.

Effects of vitamins and nutrients

Autism is a terrible disorder, which affects a person's aptitude to communicate and relate with others. Usually the symptoms are noticed in the first three years of the child's life. Doctors have several theories for the reason of Autism. Some believe the deficiency of vitamins and minerals like calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium and chromium is the reason of this malady. Therefore it has become a common practice to prescribe multivitamin or mineral nutrient supplements to kids who are suffering from this disease. It has been proven through many tests that, treating autism patients with vitamin and nutrition displays improvement in their learning, speaking and behavioral abilities.

Oral medications

It was first recognized as an investigational therapy but soon it proved to be one of the most effectual therapies to treat autism. According to the doctors, it should be given thrice a day with vitamin pills as support. The statistics say, that children treated by this therapy show variation in behavior in less than 4 days. They were less ill-tempered and more receptive than before and this therapy is reasonable too.

Stem cell therapy

In this therapy one's own cell from bone marrow are used. Why stem cells? Well, for these cells are able to change into other cell varieties, they can travel quicker to the impaired tissues and has the competence to unite with other cells. When injected, a stem cell voyages to the impaired tissue location being fascinated by the chemicals that impaired tissues release in the blood stream. Then it links itself to the impaired tissue and transmutes into the same tissue subsequently.


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