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Your disaster-response team is only as good as the tools they have to address the situation at hand. Now that hurricane season has arrived, you must ensure your team members are ready with the supplies they need to respond to flooded environments and wind-struck communities. Whether you serve a small town, a section of a large city, or just roadways in between towns, there are tools you can use to help you provide fresh water to those affected and offer other forms of relief to minimize potential damage. From a water bladder tank to flood diversion tubes, here are three essentials your team needs.

Flood Diversion Tubes

Flooding can damage buildings, property, and the surrounding environment. Whether your team is diverting floodwaters to a specific area or protecting vulnerable structures, diversion tubes are an excellent tool to have on hand. Instead of lugging around sandbags, add some reusable and environmentally friendly diversion tubes to your collection of response equipment. Look for lightweight tubes that are compact and easy to transport. Then, you’ll be able to quickly deploy your team to areas that need floodwater diverted with an effective solution. During hurricane season, it is essential to be ready for anything, including floods.

Portable Water Bladders

If your team is focused on relief efforts related to a hurricane, a portable water storage bladder is the perfect solution. Disaster response is just as much about the people as it is about the environment. When hurricanes bring flooding, they can also cut off access to utilities or drinkable water. A high-quality water bladder can provide clean water to people when they need it the most. You can get small bladders with capacities around 25-50 gallons for a quick and agile response solution, or you can find a larger option that holds thousands of gallons of clean water for your disaster-response home base. Look for bladders built with NSF 61 certified fabric that is safe for potable water storage. That way, your team can give the entire community access to the clean and safe water when they need it most.

Culvert Sock

Hurricanes can potentially damage the environment and erode important sections of land. This is especially true when flood waters reach road embankments and flow through culverts. The large amounts of fast-moving water can break down the soil quicker than it would naturally. If your team is responding to an area impacted by the hurricane near roadways with culverts, you should stock up on plenty of culvert socks. These provide quick, low-cost, and short-term erosion control. Attach them to drains and culvert systems to protect embankments from soil erosion while your team devises a plan for long-term solutions. When an emergency arises, your team should be ready to quickly respond to protect the environment and structures around them, and culvert socks can help. This hurricane season, make sure your team is prepared for anything.

About AIRE Environmental

AIRE Environmental (formerly AIRE Industrial) is a leader in the spill containment and cleanup industry for good reason. For more than 20 years, AIRE Environmental has provided high-quality portable water bladders, flood control gear, and spill containment berms for businesses in a wide range of industries. From small leaks and drips to larger spills and floods, they know what it takes to provide you with the right solutions. They’ve worked in many different sectors, including emergency response and disaster relief, construction, defense industries, hazmat cleanup, and so much more. If they don’t carry something that meets your needs, reach out. Their team is ready to design a custom solution for your business. From their production facility in Meridian, Idaho, USA, to your job site, AIRE Environmental products are ready to take on anything you—or nature—can throw at them.

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